Royal Jelly Benefits

Royal jelly is a natural product which is a secretion from the bee insects. This substance is specifically produce by the insects out from their hypopharyngeal glands which is a portion on their heads. Although, not all bees can secret this substance where only those who are around 5 to 15 days old can efficiently produce them.   

Primary Purpose for the Bees

Its physical feature is best described as a milky white substance. And, its primary purpose is that, it serves as an important type of food for the drones and workers. However, they only get a taste of it in just a matter of three days. While for the queen bees, they get to eat it for their own entire lives.

Aside from the queen bees, this precious substance is also being used by the bees to nourish their special larvae who are going to become their next future queens. Since they are being feed with pure royal jelly, they achieve different growth size where they are much bigger or double in size as compared to all other regular bees of their colony. There’s even more to their enormous size, where they also have much longer life span. Studies claims that they have a life expectancy of about 20 to 30 times longer than the life span of the average worker bees. 

Nutritious Components

Many researchers have already been studying royal jelly for many years and interestingly, they found a total of 185 nutritious elements. To mention a few of the common beneficial elements, there is presence of water which is about 67 percent. Then there is 12.5 percent crude protein, 11 percent simple sugar, 5 percent fatty acids, 2 to 3 percent 10-HDA, Vitamins (C, B5, and B6), and enzymes.  

But among these 185 precious elements of the royal jelly, the most important among them all is the single protein, royalactin. This component of the jelly provides the most valuable nutrition of the queen bees which ensures their healthy growth in order to fulfill their role in their colony.

You can check my post about royal jelly for more information about this natural bee substance.

Honey Bees

Interestingly, the royal jelly substance has the essential contents that are vital for human nutrition. It contains sugar, water, proteins, lipids, minerals, vitamins, fats, salts, and amino acids. The term “essential” actually means that your body cannot produce them where they can only be acquired through royal jelly and many other various food sources or supplements.

Since researchers have found out that this white milky bee substance is rich with many essential nutrients, they have incorporated them into various forms of medical applications. As a result, a lot of consumers have gained satisfying results to their conditions and achieved far better health.

Now let’s proceed with the human benefits of the royal jelly.

It is actually very surprising to know that the royal jelly as a natural product from the bees was already being used since the ancient period of time. By simply consuming this natural bee product, people can gain so much health benefits.

Below are the following benefits of the royal jelly that you can expect on how will it help improve your health:

  • Boosts Nutrition Needs
  • Increase Overall Health Resistance
  • Makes Aging a Slow Process
  • Help Treat High Cholesterol
  • Help Relieve Arthritis Pain
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Pediatrics
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • High Cholesterol
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Regenerate Body Cells and Repair Tissues
  • Promote Digestion and Improves Metabolism
  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level
  • Combat Symptoms of Menopause for Women
  • Prevent Breast Cancer
  • Improves Bone Structure
  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Suppresses Pro-Inflammatory Compounds
  • Boost Fertility for Men
  • Brain Function Enhancement
  • Offers Liver Protection
  • Boosts Nutrition Needs

    Many researchers have been amazed by the contents of the royal jelly being so rich in nutrients that are essential for the human body to be properly maintained and well nourished. Thus, individuals with poor nutrition may choose to take this milk bee substance to supplement their nutrition needs.

    Here are the following rich components of the royal jelly in terms of its nutrients:

    Copper, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, silicon, potassium, biotin, vitamins, folate, inositol, gamma globulin, nucleic acis, minerals, and amino acids

    If it happens that you are suffering from poor nutrition then you will often find yourself stressed and completely tired over time which can greatly affect your job. Worst, it can contribute to other form of illnesses and many other health issues such as overweight, high blood, and etc…

    The good thing is that, taking royal jelly is simply one among the easiest and natural remedy to improve or boost nutritional needs. All those nutrients mentioned above works in a way where they help properly break down the foods you eat and convert them into the energy that your body needs.

    Aside from the energy, those nutrients have so many other important functions that help and ensure your body to be in good health or condition.

    Increase Overall Health Resistance

    On some recent research experiments, the scientists used animals and test-tubes in order to determine if the royal jelly substance has the properties to combat foreign bacteria and viruses. As a result, they had confirmed that the milk bee substance possess antimicrobial effects. However, it still remains unproven if it also works on humans.

    Immune System

    Despite the lack of human studies, many have already speculated and even claimed that royal jelly can boost your body’s immune system to resists against many different forms of outside bacteria and viruses.

    Since majority of individuals cannot wait for the official human test result from the scientific researchers, many individuals have already tested it on their own consent. As a result, many have claimed good and positive outcome to their health that now, numerous manufacturers even end up producing royal jelly supplement for this purpose.

    You have to know that if you have a strong immune system, you will become highly resistant against most kind of diseases. So if you have a type of job where you have to spend most of your time exposed on a dirty environment, taking supplements to boost your immune system is highly advisable

    Antiseptic and Antimicrobial

    The MRJP (Major Royal Jelly Protein) and fatty acid components are known to promote antibacterial activity. It’s because they both have the ability to reduce incidence of infection and enhances the immune function of your body.     

    Antibacterial Properties

    The antibacterial properties of the royal jelly is quite strong enough to drive away almost any kind of unwanted bacteria. This is the reason why it is quite effective in treating various types of skin diseases.

    When used on wounds, it can actually shorten the time it heals.

    Interestingly, this natural substance when consume also works its antibacterial properties from the inside by getting rid of the unwanted germs and parasites.

    The antibacterial properties of the royal jelly can be effective at driving away any kind of unwanted bacteria in the system of the human body. It is due to this reason why many consumers of this milk bee product have their various skin diseases naturally cured. Thus, many individuals actually approve its effectiveness especially on common skin conditions such as wrinkles, wounds, and sores.

    When applied on wounds externally, it can effectively shorten the amount of time it takes for the skin to heal and recover. On the other hand, when taken or consumed internally, the antibacterial properties will get rid of all unwanted germs and parasites.


    A group of dedicated researchers who focused their study on royal jelly have discovered that this natural substance from the bees can help reverse pediatric diseases. Their tests and experiments suggests that it can help cure different types of skin diseases such as the following:

    Eczema, itchy skin, seborrhea, diaper rash, psoriasis, and skin fungi

    Treating skin diseases using royal jelly is quite more effective for young children particularly those who are at the age of five years old and below. Also, children who are suffering from growth issues will have their system improve where their body have better functions.

    In countries with high poverty problems, malnourished individuals especially children can be effectively treated with royal jelly.  

    Heart Disease

    Heart disease is one among the most feared health condition by many individuals. So in search for better cure, many researchers found out that royal jelly offers a lot of interesting benefits in the field of cardiology.

    Some known heart problems that can be treated with the help of the royal jelly includes the following:

    Arrhythmia, enlarged heart, weak heart, and angina

    There are actually two major common causes of heart disease. One is due to the bad LDL cholesterol and two, is due to diabetes. Both of them have the potential to cause clogging of the heart’s arteries. One good and natural way to prevent them from causing such problem with the arteries is through consumption of the royal jelly. This bee substance has the nutritional properties that can greatly help in maintaining the heart from such issues.

    To mention one of these nutrients, we have the so called “hydrolysate”. This is a type of specific protein that helps in maintaining the blood pressure at a healthy level. In other words, it prevents the heart from being stressed and exerting too much pressure.

    High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure is also known as “hypertension” and it is a type of condition that is related to the flow of blood specifically in the arteries. What commonly happens is that, builds up are being accumulated on the walls of the arteries which cause the passages of the blood so narrow to pass through.

    As a result, the heart needs to exert more effort by increasing its pressure in pumping the blood in order to flow through the narrow paths. Hence, the condition is referred as high blood pressure.

    However, if this condition goes on without the care of finding treatment then it could lead into various health issues especially with heart diseases.

    In relation to royal jelly, there has already been a human clinical trial conducted by a group of researchers in Japan about this natural bee product. The human participants of the study were composed of people with mild hypertensions and the experiment took three months to finish. Skipping towards the result, all participants had positive outcome where they all had their mild hypertension got significantly reduced.


    Atherosclerosis is a terrible condition concerning your arteries where plaques got accumulated inside them. This prevents or stops them from carrying the oxygen-rich blood needed by your heart and other parts of your body. This can actually lead to a variety or several serious health problems. It is really very alarming. Worse cause is it can cause heart attack and stroke. Discovering that atherosclerosis has no remedy or therapy is very upsetting. Nonetheless, there are a handful of actions that can be taken to decrease or remove the likelihood of contracting it.

    Royal jelly is a substance used for centuries for its valuable health benefits. But, there is only limited research that has been performed or conducted related to atherosclerosis. And according to these research and studies, it may have some good or beneficial effect or on cardiovascular health.

    In 2016, a study was conducted by Journal of Medicinal Food. They had discovered that royal jelly can improve endothelial function. This is the key marker for the cardiovascular health. Endothelial cells function in a way by lining the inside of the blood vessels. In return, this helps in regulating the circulation of the blood flow and blood pressure.

    There was also another study conducted by Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminoloy in 2008. On this study, they discovered that royal jelly supplementation had reduced the cholesterol levels of the rats. You have to know that high cholesterol is a major risk factor or cause for atherosclerosis.

    Through such previous studies, royal jelly may have the potential or characteristic to prevent atherosclerosis. However, more research is needed to be conducted to confirm the findings or effectiveness of this natural bee substance.

    High Cholesterol

    Having high cholesterol problem is now becoming a very common issue to almost anyone around the world. So if you have not yet heard about this natural bee substance, you should give it a try since there are already many people who are suffering from high cholesterol where they benefited from it.

    A recent experiment interesting discovered that royal jelly can help reduce cholesterol of a certain person down to 15 to 10 percent.

    One study who performed some research about royal jelly is the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. According to their study, they discovered that royal jelly can reduce the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels in rats. Yes, they performed their experiment on rats where they fed with high-cholesterol diet.

    To determine the effect of royal jelly to the fat rats, they introduced royal jelly to their diet. And according to their observation, the royal jelly seems to have the ability to absorb the cholesterol in the intestines.

    Another study was conducted by the Journal of Medicinal Food where they made an attempt to investigate if the royal jelly do really have positive effects in reducing cholesterol levels to humans. Unlike the study performed by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they used real human patients for their research.

    They gathered several patients who willingly volunteered to join the experiment. And they are patients with high cholesterol levels. As for the outcome, using royal jelly as their supplements had significant effects in reducing the patients cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.


    Royal jelly is completely rich with antioxidant, a component that helps fight free radicals.

    Antioxidants are compounds where their primary function is to help protect the cells of your body from getting damaged caused by free radicals. Again, free radicals are unstable molecules where their purpose is to cause harm to the cells. Aside from harming the cells is they are also the primary contributors to aging and various types of diseases.

    There are some studies where it shows that royal jelly can enhance the effects of antioxidant in several ways. As a result, this reduces the oxidative stress by the cells and tissues.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Aside from the antioxidants, royal jelly is also rich in both vitamins and minerals. You have to know that these two components do have an important role in enhancing the immune system of your body. This is what makes this natural bee product a good supplement.

    Many people have already good experience taking royal jelly as a form of supplement where majority of them claim an improved overall heath.

    Regenerate Body Cells and Repair Tissues

    Athletes do often suffer from body tissue problems. Worse, it will really take a lot of time for them to get healed.

    Royal jelly contains an aspartic acid which is a component that is beneficial in treating and repairing damage body tissues. Not only that, it also promotes proper muscle growth at the same time.

    Promote Digestion and Improves Metabolism

    Obesity is another common health problem around the world and the only way to treat it is through weight loss program. Unfortunately, most patients find most weight loss procedures quite challenging enough that they often end up quitting mid-way.

     Anyway, the easiest form of method for weight loss available is proper diet. This is the part where royal jelly comes into play because it has the nutrients that can promote proper digestion. Not only that, it can also help improve metabolism of fats.

    There is also an element called enzymes inside your body. These enzymes are the ones responsible in performing all the necessary tasks involve that are related to digestion. By introducing the natural bee substance into your system, it will help modulate the production of more enzymes. 

    Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level

    When it comes to cholesterol level, royal jelly have proven to be quite effective at maintaining such health condition.

    There is actually a type of cholesterol known as the “HDL”, a cholesterol that is good for the heart. Through regular consumption of the bee substance,  the amount of the HDL is boosted. While on the other hand,  it helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol

    Combat Symptoms of Menopause for Women

    Every women have to undergo their own menopause period. Experiencing this condition can be very annoying due to its several uncomfortable symptoms. But through royal jelly consumption, the symptoms are minimized or less likely to be experienced. 

    Prevent Breast Cancer

    One among the many cancer diseases that royal jelly can provide treatment is the breast cancer. Research have found out that the natural substance possess an element that provides protection to all the cells of the breast. Thus, it acts as an early prevention for breast cancer to develop.

    Improves Bone Structure

    As we grow old past adulthood, we cannot avoid osteoporosis which is a condition where our bones weakens. You could actually easily break a bone if you are not too careful enough with your movement.

    Regular consumption of the bee substance can prevent osteoporosis. To explain it in the most basic sense, this natural bee product can effectively absorb intestinal calcium. As a result, the bone structures are maintained in good conditions.

    Control Blood Sugar

    Those who are suffering from diabetes will surely love to know that royal jelly can be beneficial to their health condition. It’s because this miraculous substance has the capability to control the blood sugar inside your body.

    There is actually a certain element from the bee substance that functions like insulin. Thus, it can reduce a person’s sugar.

    Suppresses Pro-Inflammatory Compounds

    Royal jelly suppresses pro-inflammatory compounds because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is excellent supplements for chronic diseases like Alzheimer and heart problems.

    Boost Fertility for Men

    Many men have already proven that royal jelly is successful in promoting fertility for men. This is due to the special protein of the jelly that boost the production of sperm.

    Brain Function Enhancement

    One among the interesting benefits of the royal jelly is that it can enhance brain functions.

    As you regularly consume this bee product, its components will start working in getting rid of all the toxic compounds responsible in killing your brain cells. Apart from cleaning the toxins, it also helps in repairing the brain which ensures continuous proper brain function at its top and best condition.  

    Offers Liver Protection

    The liver is responsible in removing toxic substances out from your body. However, it might be overpowered by large amount of toxins leading into unhealthy condition. But through consumption of royal jelly, this substance helps the liver withstand the number of toxins allowing it to work more efficiently in removing them out from your body.

    Despite all those royal jelly benefits mentioned above, there are some people with allergies or hypersensitivities to this substance. If you are one of them then it is highly advisable not to use this as supplement because the side effects can be seriously bad. If you are allergic to any of its ingredients, this could lead to asthma attack and on rare cases is death.

    Moreover, the majority of individuals found out that royal jelly is one among the best and effective natural extracts discovered by health experts. By taking regular consumption of this incredible substance, it ensures good overall health benefits. Other uses of royal jelly aside from health is cosmetic. Many women are using it for their healthy hair due to the nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties of this great and amazing substance.

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