There is this product called, “Active Bee Power” which features “Royal Jelly” as its main ingredient. Other natural bee ingredients added are the bee pollen, honey and propolis. And also, Korean ginseng and eleuthero.

It is actually a dietary supplement which can offer all the amazing health benefits of the natural bee product to its consumers.

I myself have been using this product for several months now. So, let’s discuss some of the benefits that I had observed.

Healed my Gum Problems

I love eating sweets since I was a little kid the reason that I got bad terrible teeth which affected my gums. On my research here on the internet, I read that one consumer of this product managed to heal his gum after taking it regularly for several months.

It does sounds promising so I also tried.

In just a matter of three months, I already started to notice the effect to my gums. I am so happy that the healing process had begun. Thus, I continued it for more months until it finally got completely healed.


Now, my gums is back to normal where it doesn’t hurt and bleed anymore especially when I am going to brush my teeth.

Immune System Enhancer

During the winter, it is common for everyone to catch cold due to the extreme low temperature of the environment. As a person with weak immune system, I don’t stand a chance on this kind of season about not getting sick. This issue goes the same to every member of my family.

Immune to Sickness

When I introduced Active Bee Power product to my family as a dietary supplement, we all noticed the improvement of our immune system. This was when the next cold winter came, me and my family were completely amazed by this product it’s because for the first time in our lives, not one of us got fallen sick or cold.

It Worked Against my Anemia and Fatigue

I am an anemic type of person who often have the feeling of lacking enough sleep. It is actually a condition where I always felt like completely drained which was the main reason why I cannot focus on my work or any other activity.

My anemia is actually associated with the fatigue that I am suffering from. With just very little work that I’ve done for the day, it’s like I already worked overtime. This greatly affected my progress because this condition is dragging me down so much.


When I started taking royal jelly supplements in the form of Active Bee Power product, I now have a more energized feeling than it used to be. Now, I can do plenty of work as much as others can.

Aside from being energized, the supplement also improved my focus and concentration. I really never imagined that when I have these two mental abilities enhanced, my analytical thinking can provide me a lot of great ideas and good solutions.

Good for Skin

Another reason why I purchased this product was because one of the consumers claimed that she had achieved a glowing and attractive skin. It really sounds so good which just gave me another reason to want to try.

Facial Skin

I really do not care much about my body skin because I often wear too much clothing. But, the interest is about my facial skin.

Every morning that I wake up, I will first wash my face with clean running water. Then, I take a scoop of the royal jelly and rinse it all over my face. The rinsing process usually take only 30 seconds to 1 minute. When it’s done, I wash it again with water.

You can actually feel the difference after washing your face. In my own experience, my facial skin became a lot smoother than before.


Since Active Bee Power do contain the natural royal jelly bee product, all other health benefits that I have already discussed on my other posts can also be reaped. The benefits which I covered above are only a few of the positive outcome that I observed.

What does Active Bee Power Royal Jelly Taste Like?

I will honestly go directly to the answer to the question above, “it tastes horrible especially for the first-time consumers or tasters”. Most of my friends whom I recommend this product, they immediately gave up taking it. Others even claimed that they had thrown it right away into their trash which got me disappointed.

So before you even order your own Active Bee Power royal jelly, at least you already knew that you are not buying a sweet candy but a supplement with a bitter taste as best described by many.

Anyway, there are many methods on how to combat the bitter flavor of the royal jelly. You can actually just add some sweeteners like milk or even add it into your sweet drinks.

But as a long time consumer of royal jelly, the taste that is being disliked by everyone is no longer an issue for me. So based on my personal experience, your taste bud will soon overcome the terrible taste where you can easily and directly consume it without putting any sort of mixtures.

Moreover, another very important aspect that you need to consider before you buy this item is to make sure that you are not allergic to bee products.

Where to buy?

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