Western has finally produced their own American Ginseng with Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen product supplements. According to the manufacturer, the health benefits for regular consumption of this supplement is comparable to its Asian counterpart.

For those who are new to the word “ginseng”, this is actually a very popular herbal plant especially in Asian countries particularly Korea and China. Although, it is not the plant that is being harvested but the roots which offers a lot of medicinal health benefits. (Read more about ginseng health benefits)

As for the royal jelly and bee pollen, these are both natural products produced by the bee insects. They are completely rich in nutritional supplements that are essential and beneficial for our human bodies. Further discussion about health benefits of royal jelly and bee pollen has already been discussed several times in the past previous posts.

Now, how much more if we are going to combine ginseng, royal jelly and bee pollen all together into one? A manufacturer called “Prince of Peace” has already made a satisfying product result which answered this question. According to them, “quality” is their top priority where they actually use a traditional method called “low-heating process”. Through this method, the precious nutrients of the three main ingredients are well preserved for best consumption.

Product Review:

The Taste

When it comes to the taste, the ginseng extract has the strongest flavor. If you are the type of person who has already got used to the taste of ginseng then you won’t have a problem taking it in. However, majority of individuals tasting it especially for the first time will describe a very uncomfortable taste. So if you are one among them then the best way is that you really have to get used to it. Some claims that drinking water right after taking a sip from the supplement will save you from the terrible flavor.

To tell you more about the ginseng extract used on this product, it is actually a Wisconsin American ginseng. According to the manufacturer, they carefully select and harvest only those 4 years old roots to ensure utilizing high quality of ginseng extract.

Provides a Boost of Energy

After taking the supplement, you should be able to feel the energizing effect in just a matter of few minutes. Although, some consumers claim that it takes about an hour before it affects their system. The boosting effect actually gives you a very refreshing energy with an enhanced focus and concentration.

If you are consuming too much coffee just for the sake of keeping yourself active from work or on a certain activity, you may want to consider taking this supplement as an alternative. We all know that too much coffee in-take is bad for your health. However, it is due to this reason why you should not take the supplement at night or before you go to sleep because it will keep you awake. The energy boosting effect of this supplement mainly comes from the royal jelly.

So how long will the energy boosting effect lasts? It actually varies from one person to another. But on average, majority of individuals will experience the effect for about 5 to 8 hours.


The manufacturer recommends one to two ampules each day. But for some individuals, this amount of dosage is too much for them to take. Thus, the best way to know your limitation is to make a close observation on how it affects your body. For first time consumers, it is recommended to start by taking a dose every other day. Anyway, before you start drinking the contents it is highly suggested that you must first shake it well. Then, use the small plastic opener so that you can easily insert the straw into the bottle and finally, sip the contents out.


When it comes to the price, it is at a very affordable price range. It is actually worth buying this product as compared to buying the raw ginseng roots, royal jelly and bee pollen then doing the entire preparation process by your own self. It will really save you plenty of time and perhaps just a few cents from the costs.


Since this supplementary product contains royal jelly and bee pollen, it may cause allergic reaction to some individuals. But, it is actually best to completely avoid this product if you are one among them.


This American ginseng combined with the royal jelly and bee pollen is quite an effective supplementary product. However, the only main issue is its terrible taste which is described by many as bitter and hot. Perhaps the manufacturer should add more natural sweeteners to make it a lot easier for them to consume.

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