American Royal Jelly Made in the USA

If you think that good quality of royal jelly products are only produced in New Zealand and Australia then that is a complete wrong notion. American royal jelly products that are purely made in the USA are also on the top market lists that are recommended by many consumers.

Today, there are actually many beekeeping farms in United States where they now have develop effective methods and techniques in producing their very own authentic and high quality bee products. Thus, if you live in the US then you may want to consider buying American made royal jelly products.


New Zealand or Australian made RJ (royal jelly) currently holds the best reputation for the highest quality of bee products in the market. However, if you are living in the United States and you prefer to buy RJ produced from these two countries then you will be relying on imported products.

Now here is the reason why.

You have to know that bee products can easily lose their quality in just a short term period of time. RJ has this special component called “Royalactin”. This a very unique protein that has a very limited life-span which is only 7 hours. It is for this reason why manufacturers needs to immediately filter and process their RJs right after harvesting from the bee farm. Filtering and processing is currently the most effective method for the RJ to maintain good quality of preservation.

Since the manufacturers are producing RJ products that are purposely intended to be imported on foreign countries which requires long distant travels, the processing methods that they perform are somewhat extreme where some important elements of the RJ are also removed. As a result, the quality of the RJ is affected which degraded to a certain level.

This is the main reason why you should choose to buy royal jelly from the manufacturers that are closest to your place.


Beetox have their own bee farm in Florida where they specialize in harvesting their royal jellies right in the natural environment of the bee insects. According to them, they always ensure that their RJ products are pure and fresh which means, there no additives and processing ever performed.


Unlike Beetox, Honeyway offers more different variety of bee products. These includes 4 variety of honey, propolis, bee pollen and the RJ. Just like the above, their bee products are unheated, unfiltered and not processed by any form of method. It is actually their main objective to provide fresh and natural bee products to their consumers.

Honeyway have their bee farm situated in the fields and orchards of the Midwest region of USA. And according to them, they never utilize pesticides to ensure that the bees will collect the finest nectar out from the plants on the field.


It seems that Alamiel is just a new brand of bee products in the market today since not many individuals are familiar about them. Anyway, they claim that their royal jelly are harvested from their bee farm at the North East area of the USA. To ensure high quality production, they never use pesticide, herbicide or any other polluting chemicals on the field. Other than that, no preservatives and additives are added to any of their products.

Moreover, if you know any other manufacturers or suppliers of royal jelly products that are made in the USA then perhaps, you may want to share them on the Comment Form down below.

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