There are two types of royal jelly face cream product. The first type is the natural or unprocessed form of the substance which is directly taken out straight from the beehive. And yes, you can directly apply it as a face cream, mask or lotion to any part of your skin. But how effective is it?

Back in 1962, there was a research study that was conducted about royal jelly’s application onto the human skin to learn its efficiency. So in order to put it into the real tests, the researchers had chosen individuals with skin issues such as burn blisters. And the result? It was very effective because they had observed that the substance greatly helped in boosting the healing of the wounds. In addition to this, they noticed a huge improvement to the skin regrowth of the test subjects which is completely amazing.

Let’s go to the second type of royal jelly face cream which is the processed form. They are those products (packed inside bottles or containers) that you can buy from the market or order them from online stores. These cosmetic products that list royal jelly as one of the main ingredient covers every skin care applications such as facial cream, moisturizing lotions, healing skin injuries (burns and wounds), liquid cleansers, soaps and etc…

But the question is, “Are these royal jelly cosmetic products effective for skin care applications?”

Before we answer the question above, you should know that the natural form of royal jelly can easily deteriorate which can affect its efficiency. This can be prevented by refrigerating it under a freezing temperature. Now, when it comes to its commercial counterpart, there is a popular method known as, freeze-drying. This is some kind of a very complicated process where the main purpose of the process is to completely get rid of the moisture content out from the royal jelly substance. As a result, it prolongs the life-span of the main ingredient.

There is really nothing wrong about cosmetic products containing royal jelly as an ingredient as long as the process of preserving the substance is through freeze-drying method or something even better. However, the real main issue is that, “most cosmetic products do contain only small amounts of royal jelly”. The reason why such tiny quantity of the substance is added is to further enhance the preservation of its valuable nutrients. This explains why a lot of unsatisfied consumers are completely disappointed claiming that it does not work.

Are there Any Side Effects of Royal Jelly Face Cream?

It is always a wise thing to do that you should check every product particularly for consumption or human body application to know about any of the possible side-effects. So for the royal jelly face cream, natural or processed form, do possess a risk for individuals who are allergic to bee products. Using it could result into an allergic reaction leading to inflammation, dermatitis and worst is asphyxiation.

If you are also a person who is taking a serious form of medication then you need to consult your doctor before attempting to use the product. There were already several reports that proved royal jelly can have severe reactions to medications.

Royal jelly can work wonders for human consumption and applications but it’s too sad to say that it is not meant for everyone.

How to Use Royal Jelly as a Face Cream?

The following instruction that we are about to discuss only applies to the natural form of royal jelly. It’s because manufactured cosmetic which are royal jelly face creams do usually have their own set of instructions which can be a little bit different from this procedure that we are about to discuss.

First Step: Schedule

You should find the perfect time or schedule to put on your special facial cream. My best recommendation will be before bed time. Or, any period of time where you can relax particularly at the comfort of your home.

Second Step: Wash your Face

Wash your face with clean water. If you have a natural cleanser then that would be much better. Make-ups must be completely remove from your face. Once done washing your face, use a towel or soft cloth to make it dry.

Third Step: Prepare your Royal Jelly

Put your fresh royal jelly into a small mixing bowl. Just put the exact amount good enough for applying it onto your face.

Fourth Step: Applying it

Right in front of a mirror, apply the substance onto your face by dipping your fingers into the bowl of royal jelly then gently rub them to your face. Make sure that you are able to entirely cover your face with the jelly.

Fifth Step: Wait for about 30 minutes

After applying the natural substance onto your face, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes period. This is the reason why step number 1 is all about schedule. You can read your favorite book, watch TV or browse the internet while waiting.

Final Step: Wash your face with warm water

The final step is to remove the royal jelly that you applied on your face by using a warm water. It must not be too warm but just warm enough to the level of temperature that your face can handle. Once done, finish it off with a clean soft cloth.


The application of natural royal jelly substance as a facial cream really do have very satisfying results. Many have already claimed that it completely moisturizes their dry skin, prevented expression lines, got rid of their wrinkles and best of all, it’s one of the best natural anti-aging product out there. But, let me just remind you that these benefits can only be achieve through constant or regular use of the natural bee product.

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