At What Temperature does Beeswax Melt?

Beeswax has many uses both in the cosmetic and crafting industry. But, there is one thing in common to its usage where it needs to be melted down. It has to be melted down to a point where it can be crafted into various shapes. Or, extremely melted to be mixed with some other ingredients.

So what exactly is the temperature level for a beeswax to melt? This all depends on the quantity that you intend to melt. This means that large pieces of beeswax will take much longer period of time to be melted. In most cases, it should take around a few hours. Now, the temperature level for the wax to be melted must be around “145 to 147 degrees Fahrenheit or, 63 to 64 degrees Celsius”.

Various Methods and Temperatures of Melting a Beeswax

There are many tools or equipment that can be used to melt beeswax according to its uses. Some don’t actually need to thoroughly melt the wax where they just need soften it up. This is often the case for people who are making candles out of beeswax.

Anyway, let’s cover a few of the common methods about melting beeswax along with the appropriate temperatures.


When you intend to use a microwave, it is important that you should be able to set its settings at around 60 degrees Celsius. An approved microwave safe bowl should also be used and set the timer for at least 6 minutes. If the wax isn’t melted enough then you can continue microwaving it in 2 minutes intervals until it to the point that it meets what you desire.

Solar Oven

If you are dealing with large quantities of beeswax that needs to be melted then you should use a solar oven. Although, there is a huge drawdown with this equipment where the heat temperature requires constant manual observation and adjustments. It can actually become so hot to a point that it can burn your wax.

Thus, you should use a thermometer to constantly check the temperature level of your solar oven. If it happens that the heat goes beyond the required temperature then you should open the lid to allow some air to enter the heating chamber. This should allow you to control and maintain the heat required.

Crock Pot

What’s good about using a crock pot is that, the temperature can be properly controlled. The most important part about using crock pot for melting beeswax is to use a container. Place the wax into the container which is then placed inside the crock. You have to know that without using a container, beeswax can be so difficult to remove.

Turn the unit ON and then set it at the low setting temperature. And finally, just patiently wait for the wax to be slowly melted.

Double Boiler

A double boiler contains two pans, one from the bottom and the other on top. The bottom pan should be filled with water while you put your beeswax on the top pan. Start introducing heat by turning ON your stove at a medium or low heat temperature. All you have to do is to wait for the wax to be melted. But at the same time, you should also check the bottom pan so that it won’t go dry. If this happens, the temperature will rapidly increase which can burn your wax.

Air Heater or Hair Dryer

If you just want to soften your wax then you can use an air heater or hair dryer. Many individuals use these tools in shaping their candles that are made out of beeswax.

There are many other methods not mentioned on this post but regardless of the procedure used, the most important key is to apply “gentle heat”. A range temperature of 143 to 151 Fahrenheit should be properly observed. If the temperature goes beyond 170 Fahrenheit then it will lost its aroma and the color begins to darken which is not good. For the curious individual or for informational only, the flash point or the temperature for a beeswax to be completely consumed by heat is at around 400 Fahrenheit.

Moreover, you should know that as you apply heat into your beeswax, you will notice that its color become clear. This could be from nearly white, yellow or deep amber. But as you finished heating it and starts to cool down, it will return to its original color.

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