Are you looking for a good supplementary product that can really enhance your immune system? If yes then you should consider the “Bee Alive Royal Jelly” capsules that are non-freeze-dried. This product is actually aimed at improving your overall health when consumed regularly.

The manufacturer of Bee Alive is “Madeline Balletta” where they had started making supplementary products out from royal jelly and other related natural bee products since 1984. So from the time of this post, they now have 34 years of experience and excellence in making their product one among the top choice.

Today, the company has been taken over by Madeline’s son Jason along with his wife, Rose. Both of them are on a mission to educate every individuals on how to attain good health inside and out.

My Positive Review and Experience

This Bee Alive royal jelly non-freeze dried product was one of the best supplements that I regularly consumed for about 10 years. The benefit when it comes to my health was amazingly incredible. Just like what I stated above, it greatly improved my immune system.

Working Hard

Ten years ago, I was really working so hard because me and my family were desperately in need of money. Then, there was this one time where I got sick that even caused us more problematic issues with our financial matters.

When I recovered, I really cannot afford to get any kind of sickness again so I did some research online. This was when I found out all about Bee Alive royal jelly capsule supplements.

I took my supplements regularly for 10 years and throughout this period of time, it was a miracle that I didn’t had any serious kind of sickness that can put me to bed for several days to recover. All I had just experienced were minor headaches that simply went away in just a matter of hours.

With my strong immune system, I was able to perform well on my multi-tasks jobs until I managed to solve those financial issues.

Aside from my immune system, I also noticed a more energetic feeling and emotions which helped me to keep on going. With so much energy, I often finished my jobs on time.


Thus, for this last 10 years, I am so glad that I made the right choice of picking this supplement among the hundreds of other products which might not be quite effective as the Bee Alive royal jelly capsules.

Moreover, I am speaking in past tense about my experience with this product above because I recently stopped consuming it for a while. There is nothing bad or serious about why. The reason is that, I now have access to a fresh and raw royal jelly directly taken from a bee farm.

Are there any Negative Reviews?

In the last 10 years that I had taken Bee Alive royal jelly, I have not noticed or observed any negative impact to my health. It bought nothing but improvement to my health at its best.

Although, there are some rumors that Madeline’s son and his wife is not doing their job pretty well lately. Many regular consumers have noticed that the quality of their product have changed. It is no longer the same as it originally used to be.

Anyway, I could not confirm if the rumor is true. So I decided to make an order and give it a test for myself.

I will give an update to this post once I received the product and give it a try for a few weeks or months.

Where to Buy?


Royal jelly offers a lot of health benefits to our body which can be gained by regular consumption. Thus, it is the main ingredient used on this Bee Alive product, the main reason why it is so quite effective.

Despite the benefits, not all individuals can take bee products particularly those that are allergic to this insects. If you are one among them then, it is best not to take the risk and completely avoid this product.

As a legal disclaimer, you have to know that this dietary supplement is not yet evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This means being a consumer of this product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any kind of disease that you may have.

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