Bee Pollen Dosage and Time to Take Effect

The mixture of the pollens which are picked up by the bees as they go from one flower to another is called Bee Pollen. It is also considered to be a good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and also carbohydrates.

There are many people who take bee pollen as a regular supplement for several of health benefits which include some of the following:

• It is seen that bee pollen might help in reducing the side effects of the radiation therapy which is used for cancer.

• It also benefits men who suffer from chronic prostatitis.

• It is also seen that bee pollen helps in reducing the PMS symptoms.

What is the dosage for bee pollen?

There are various dosages which have been advised for bee pollen consumers.

Different individuals gain its effect by just consuming a tablet a day or some take several heaping tablespoons in a day.

Bee pollen is extremely safe to consume but it is only considered dangerous for people with pollen allergies that when taken by them, it could result into a serious allergic reaction. 

so in order to know what dosage will work the best, you can either “consult your doctor and ask for his recommendations” or “you could experiment with supplement”.

The most common dosage for bee pollen capsules is 500 mg. People who had success taking the supplement for weight loss do claim to have effective result by taking 1 tablespoon per day of the natural substance before meal, breakfast or launch. On some cases, this amount can be increased up to 6 tablespoon a day.   

If you consume a diet which is rich in organic foods, proteins, fibre, vegetables and minerals you will need less amount of bee pollen as compared to the ones who do not have a healthy diet.

The health benefits of Bee Pollen:

Helps in boosting of the immune system: it contains antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It is also considered to be a natural allergy fighter.

Helps in relieving stress: it helps to improve the blood supply to the nervous tissues in out body and also helps in boosting thee mental capacity and strengthens the nervous system which might have been weak due to stress.

You can check this post for the complete list of the bee pollen health benefits.

How long will it take for Bee Pollen to show its effect?

In most of the cases, it is seen that the effect of Bee Pollen will take about 30 days. But this is not constant in every situation, it will actually vary from person to person.

Bee Pollen is considered to have super healing power and its main reasons are stated below.

The perfect food: it has been considered to be a perfect nutritional food as these pollens contain almost all the required nutrients for the body. Pollen is the only source of plant which contains the exclusive vitamin B 12.

Contains amino acid: the fresh pollens will contain at least 20 amino acids which is said to be the building blocks of proteins that are essential and are used for building the cells in the body. It also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Detox and cleanse to help healing: if the pollens are applied to the skin, it is believed that they help in healing wounds and acne. Bee pollen is also low in calorie. It possesses the ability to rejuvenate the body, help in the stimulation of organs, helps in the enhancement of vitality and also speeds up the rate of recovery.

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