Beeswax Candle Making Kit Amazon Product Review

If you are looking for a new hobby to spend together with the whole family indoor which involves creativity, then you should consider “beeswax candle making”. It may sound quite a complicated type of activity requiring some carving, cutting and molding skills. But through a kit, everything are made easy even a 5 year old kid can do it.

Featured on this post is a bestselling product by the Amazon which is a “beeswax candle making kit”. All materials needed including detailed instructions are included in the package. It is also one of the perfect activity for groups or special events such as birthday party. So call your family and friends to join you and perhaps compete with everyone as to who has the best imagination and creativity of making unique candles.

Product Features

1. Ones you received the kit, it should contain a total of 10 beeswax sheets. These materials according to the manufacturer are 100 percent beeswax extracted from honeycombs. The size should be approximately 8 x 16 ¼ inches and they come in various different colors. You should get aqua, blue, cranberry, ivory, green, natural, pink, purple, and red colors.

2. A detailed instruction guide is included in the package. So first timers who do not have the confidence of making candles for themselves can rely on it. However, once you learned the basics, it is best to do something more unique which is a product of your own imagination.

3. Each of the beeswax sheet should allow you to create two 8 x 1 inches taper candles. Or, you may just choose to build a big one from the entire single sheet.

4. Of course, your candle won’t be complete without its cotton wick. Son this kit, there is an approximate length of 6 yards or 18 feet of cotton wick that is included on the package.

5. When your kit got delivered, you may be surprised that all items are contained inside a beautiful box. For this reason, you can actually make an order and send it to someone dear to you as a form of gift. Many individuals does it as a birthday present.

Positive Reviews

One of the best indoor activity for a group of people

We are all aware that video games are the number one indoor activity today. But, we also know the negative impact especially to small children. So as one among the best replacement for video games, you should give a try to this beeswax candle making activity.

It offers plenty of fun and it is perfectly suitable for all ages. Aside from the fun and creativity that are involve, of course, you can also use the candles you made as displays or lighting.

Special color dye are used for the beeswax sheets

As mentioned above, the beeswax sheets comes in several colors. The dye used as coloring are similar to those that are being used by the candle industry. According to the manufacturer of this product kit, they only use a few grams of the dye as mixture to a 200 pounds of wax which makes it completely diluted.

Although, there are still a few individuals who might be sensitive to chemicals. So if you are one among them then you should only use the ivory wax sheets because it has no added dye.

100 percent beeswax material

It is really impossible to prove to someone the quality of the beeswax unless that person already has an experience or knowledge about the material. Anyway, the material sheet should already smell similar to a natural beeswax. The candle will also burn much longer than an ordinary candle and it burns much cleaner.

No tools are required to make your candles

After receiving your kit, all you need to create your candles are your hands. The wax is soft allowing you to just roll it to any size that you desire. But for some reason that you might have, no one is limiting you to use some basic tools such as scissor, utility knife and etc…

Although, if you live at a time or cold season, you may find the beeswax a bit brittle. On this case, it is necessary to use a heater where an ordinary hair dryer will work just fine just to help loosen up the wax.

Simple procedure of rolling the sheets

You can actually create a lot of candles from the kit depending on the sizes of the candles you intend to make. When it comes to the process, the procedure that involves most of the work is rolling the beeswax sheets.

It is very important that you have to roll the sheets tightly as possible because this is the key in the making the candle burn much longer. So on the other hand, bad candles that are not properly rolled will burn a lot quicker.

Perfect for kids to play and enjoy

Most satisfied customers including me can testify that kids do really find fun and enjoyment in making candles through this product kit. Give it a try and you may be surprised how children can be creative as you never expected them to be.

Inexpensive for a very satisfying product

This candle making kit is so cheap which is very affordable. You can literally buy one for every special events such as on a birthday party or family gathering.

Negative Reviews

Based on my personal experience and opinion about this beeswax candle making kit, I have found no drawdown or negative aspects that are worth mentioning. This is one solid product which is no wonder the reason why Amazon consider it as one of their best seller item.

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