Benefit of Eating Honeycomb

Almost everybody already know that honeybees do produce honeycomb within their own hives. Their honeycomb is made out of beeswax and it consists of cells that are hexagonal shapes where they store the honey they collected.

The compound found on the beeswax are some long chain of fatty acids and alcohols or esters. While, stored within are the purest and rawest organic honey. Aside from the honey, both the wax and the honeycomb are also made of valuable nutrients.

Since the honey contained inside the comb is well protected by the soldier bees, it means that it’s not contaminated or touched by any other living creatures including man. It is so marvelous that stored and produced by the bees inside the comb are pollens, propolis, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and aromatics. At this time, it is still impossible for human technology to replicate how the bees process and produce them. It’s no wonder why the ancient Greeks called it, “the nectar of the gods”.

Today, honey is enjoyed by many all over the world. It isn’t just consumed just for its health benefits but people do also enjoy it because of the sweet taste. However, you need to be aware that the healthiest form of honey are those that directly came from the bees’ honeycombs.

Health Benefits of Eating Honeycomb

Good for your teeth

By chewing honeycomb that is made out of beeswax, you are allowing an active biological compounds to enter your body. So here’s the fact, chewing a honeycomb is actually an effective method in cleaning your teeth and gums, removing plaques, and disinfect oral cavity.


Honey contains potassium which means that bacteria won’t be able to survive in it due to this ingredient. This criteria makes it perfect for skincare application. Honey is actually popularly used in treating scarring, facial moisturizer, mask and body scrub. Aside from skincare, it is used for curing various skin infections.

Makes you immune to diseases

People who chew honeycomb since childhood to their sixteenth year rarely suffer from diseases. Chewing the honeycomb will strengthens immunity which lasts at least four years.

Good for treating cold

Honeycomb has already been tested by many individuals to be quite an effective tool in treating colds. The process is too simple. You just have to chew a honeycomb for about 4 to 6 hours before spitting it out. This should last for only a day. This traditional form of treatment does not cause any adverse effect or damages. If the cold still persists, then the procedure needs to be repeated on the very next day. For people suffering with their sinus problem, this method is also effective for them especially during the spring and fall or at a time where it gives the greatest pain.

Raises good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol

The common source of good fatty acids can be found on the fish but if you do not know, honeycombs also do have them. Honeycombs do actually have very long chain fats and alcohols. These fats aren’t just any kind of fats because it offers plenty of health benefits for the heart. Research claims that the fatty alcohols can significantly reduce bad cholesterol while at the same time increase good cholesterol, this is according to the review published by the journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine back in March 2004. The study results that the fatty acids and alcohols of a honeycomb can reduce low density lipoprotein for about 21% to 29%.

Allergy relief

Some medical expert suggest that chewing honeycomb regularly can help alleviate sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose especially during allergy seasons. The procedure is to chew the honeycomb for a prolonged period of time. Some individuals claims that the allergy symptoms often disappear after 30 minutes of continuous chewing. For prevention, a honeycomb must be chewed at least a week or two before the time of the allergy season. This ensures the allergy from starting.

Protects the liver

Unlike any other commercial form of alcohol, the type of alcohol found in a honeycomb consist of powerful antioxidants that aids in protecting your liver from any damages. In order to prove this claim, a group of interested researchers conducted an experimental study to willing participants who had fatty liver issues. The subjects took beeswax alcohol for a period of 24 weeks. As a result, their liver function was normalized and there were some improvements on the symptoms of their fatty livers. You can read more about this study at the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine published in July 2013.

Boost your energy

Regular consumption of an unprocessed honey contained in a honeycomb has a significant effect in human body because of its antibiotic properties. It actually helps clean the blood vessels so as aid in maintaining proper digestion. As an outcome, the honey provides the consumer an energy boost.

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