What is royal jelly? Well in layman terms it is the food fed to the future queen of the bee colony. Which begs the question why should a man eat food meant for the queen to be?

Royal jelly is classified as a food product. It contains protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids. Studies show that this food product has the ability to enhance testosterone production. This is because it contains the actual hormone.

The benefits:

● It works for infertile men. According to research conducted at the Thi-Qar College of Medicine, royal jelly mixed with honey had boosted the testosterone levels by 20 percent and this was not just a boost for the day but one that lasted for three months.

Gifu University School of Medicine discovered that 3000 milligrams of royal jelly consumed daily for 6 months increases testosterone by 14 percent as compared to placebo.

● Royal jelly is known to be calorie dense. One tablespoon is made up of 36 calories. Do note that calorie consumption varies between genders whereas men consume more calories as compared to women. This means that calorie dense foods are a great option for men.

● Men who are suffering from prostate problems should consume this bee substance at least regularly to reduce discomfort. Prostate is a very common problem for men especially when they reach the age of 50s.

What else should I know?

There is no scientific evidence that states the side effects of using or consuming royal jelly. In animals, it has been found to harden arteries and work against tumors. It is however advised that you should consult your medical doctor before starting to use. It is also important that you read the product labels as not everything labelled royal jelly is the actual product.

No Protein:

Royal jelly does not contain protein. We all know the importance of protein when it comes to the repair of worn out body tissue. Men have more body tissue and therefore they will need more protein compared to the female. For proper health, ensure that as a man, you take at least 0.8 grams per kilogram of your body weight as you consume royal jelly.

No Fiber:

Royal jelly might be rich in calories but it has no dietary fiber. Fiber is what makes digestion a smooth process. Men need more fiber so just note that as you take royal jelly supplement, you should be taking other types of foods rich with fiber content at the same time.

High in Calories:

Calories is often viewed by many as bad for consumption because it can lead to overweight condition. However, this won’t be the case if you know how to observe proper diet or perform regular exercise. Other than this, calories isn’t really that bad. It actually has an important role in the body where it is the one responsible in providing energy.

Men are actually the once who are more involve with extreme physical activities which can be observed at work or sports. Thus, calorie consumption for them is recommended. To tell you more, an active men who is at his 20’s needs to take at least 3000 calories in a single day. But for an active women who is also at the same age, she only needs at least 2500 calories on a daily basis. – According to the US Department of Agriculture

To give you an idea about how much calories are contained in a royal jelly, a 2 tablespoon of this substance can provide 216 calories. In comparison to a peanut butter, 2 tablespoon can only provide about 190 calories.

Propolis and royal jelly:

Bees collect propolis from various plants. Both propolis and royal jelly have a long history of being consumed as supplements. The side effects of these two products are not known that is why it is important to consult a medical practitioner before starting to use them.

Between the two, only royal jelly is recommended for men with fertility issues. This means that the use of royal jelly improves sexual performance and in the long run, your relationship with your partner. It also helps with the formation of healthy bones and enhances collagen production for wrinkle free skin.

So if you have been trying several pharmaceutical products to boost your testosterone levels and nothing worked. You should try royal jelly and everything might just come alive.

Moreover, there is actually a long list of royal jelly benefits for men which is more about providing immunity or resistance to various forms of diseases and even combat some serious health conditions. To name a few, the list includes liver diseases, digestive complications, cardio disorders, arthritis and etc… Apparently, it is always important to keep in mind that this natural substance from the bees must not be considered as a permanent cure. This is due to the reason that the effects requires more scientific research and tests.

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