If you are looking for a quick and short answer then, “Yes – raw honeycomb is completely edible and there is nothing wrong about eating it where it is actually even very beneficial for human health”. If you want to find out more about how and why you should eat raw honeycombs then you should continue reading.

For those who does not know, honeycombs are composed of two main parts. First is the golden liquid or substance known as the, “honey” which is the main product of the bee insects. Anyone who already tasted it will describe honey having a strong sweet of flavor. The second part is the beeswax. This is where the bees store their honeys which consists of a network of hexagonal cylinders.

If the honey are created by the bees through collecting the sugary juice or nectar from various flower of plants, the storage is made out of waxy secretions by the worker bees. Assuming that a bee finally filled one of the hexagonal cylinders of their comb, the worker insects will immediately place or seal it with a cover made out of wax.

When beekeepers harvest their bee products, they will entirely take the honeycomb because currently, there is no way for them to extract the honey out from the comb without taking the whole honeycomb out from the insect’s hive. It’s too sad to say that the bees needs to collect and reconstruct everything from the start after the harvest.

It is always best to Choose Raw Honeycomb to Eat over Processed Bottled Honey Products

Despite the fact that the entire honeycomb is completely edible, there are some individuals who just happens to have weak gums or they have trouble chewing the beeswax. It’s for this reason why some beekeeping farms have to use machines that automatically crushes all their harvested honeycombs which then goes through a centrifuge that will completely separate the liquid honey from the wax. These extracted honeys are then placed inside sealed bottles and they are ready to be distributed in the market for consumption.

Unfortunately, there is a huge problem with extracted honeys which is being exploited by many bad companies. In short, they produce fake honey products that are harmful to human health.

Now, the reason why you should choose to eat or consume raw honeycomb is that they can’t be faked. So where to buy honeycomb? You might ask. My first and best suggestion is to look for the nearest beekeeping farm in your area. If you are not so lucky to find one then my second suggestion is to search online. There are several companies who are selling honeycombs that are tightly sealed into bottles, jars or plastic containers such as the Raw Acacia Honeycomb.

Popular Ways of Eating Honeycombs

You can Directly Eat the Honeycomb

Use a knife and cut a size of the honeycomb good enough for your mouth to chew and swallow. Then, feel the amazing sweet taste of the honey while keeping in mind that you are the first one to take a bite to those hexagonal cells filled with natural honey. In most cases, some beeswax will end up in your mouth but this isn’t really a problem where you just have to swallow it. It is also advisable not to chew it too much because the wax will get stuck into your teeth.

Perfect Combination for Breads and Crackers

It is best that the bread or cracker needs to be hot where you can spread a piece of honeycomb on top. The heat will soften the honeycomb which will be flattened onto the bread or cracker. It won’t melt but being exposed to the heat makes it soft and emits aromatic flavor. You may also want to try on pancakes and other types of breads.

Use it as an Added Ingredient

Honeycomb can almost be mixed in all other types of food as an added ingredient. To name a few – you can mix it on salads, grilled ham/chicken and cheese, toffee, ice cream, cereal and etc…

Why is it good to Eat Honeycombs?

Honeycombs are Rare Products

Legit suppliers of honeycombs from the markets are becoming less which means that it is becoming a rare type of product that only few consumers are able to buy. So if you manage to grab one – before you eat it, you need to be aware that you are one of the lucky individuals who still get to taste such natural sweet substance among the many who craves for it.

Attractive Hexagonal Cells

The hexagonal cells of the honeycomb is really quite attractive which presents the natural work of nature. As stated above, the precious substance are carefully stored by the insects inside those cells. Now, you get to enjoy eating it on your own.

Many Health Benefits

Above all, the main reason why eating honeycomb is quite good are due to many health benefits that it offers.

2 Comments to “Can you Eat Raw Honeycomb?”

  • Hi, I am from the State of Nebraska and I always wonder about the question, can you eat the honeycomb? I actually have a fatty liver issues which is causing some health problems on me and it’s getting worse. My doctor offered me several medical methods of treating my fatty liver and I always prefer the natural way. So my doctor recommended me to consume honeycomb on a regular basis.

    I really know nothing much about honeycomb but only the extracted honey from it that are placed into bottles and used as a sweeteners and butter for breads. So thanks to all of the information contained here on your website which I am able to learn everything that I needed to know about.

    • Your doctor is correct. Honeycomb do possess an antioxidant that can effectively help protect your liver. There was even a study that can support the efficiency of this bee product to a number of volunteers. They were actually a group of individuals suffering from fatty livers like you. And for the result, it took 24 weeks before the researchers noticed significant improvement to their livers.

      In case that you are interested to find out more about the study, you should check the “Korean Journal of Internal Medicine” on their issue published on July 2013.

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