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Did you know that the full health benefits offered by royal jelly product is best acquired by consuming the raw and fresh form of it? Unfortunately, not so many individuals do have access to this kind of product. You actually need to be living close to a bee farm in order for you to always have a continuous fresh supply.

Anyway, we have those royal jelly products that are available in the market today where they come in the form of capsules and liquid substances. These products have undergone various forms of processing methods which makes them have better resistance against spoilage. However, those processing procedures have most likely killed or gotten rid some of the important nutrients of the royal jelly.

I am not saying though that commercial royal jelly products are ultimately not good just because they are processed. They are still effective but not as potent when compared to the raw or fresh type.

You may be curious to know that raw royal jellies do contain a lot of nutrients that researchers are still unable to identify them until today. These unknown elements of the substance probably contains its miraculous healing benefits that can even cure some forms of cancers.

The main purpose of processing the raw form of royal jelly is to remove all of the bad elements contained by the bee substance especially the components that causes spoilage. However, along with the bad elements are the unknown nutrients that also gets filtered. This is the reason why processed forms are less effective.

Since people are now becoming more aware that raw and fresh is a lot much better than those that are processed, there is now a huge demand for them in the market today. Thus, there are now several suppliers that started appearing and competing with one another.

These suppliers aren’t actually using any modern methods that prevent their bee products from being perished as they get transported or delivered to far distances. They simply use the traditional method of putting the items at their frozen state.

The Traditional Freezing Method

I myself who is taking and tasting RJ (royal jelly) for a very long time, I already became so familiar with the taste. Thus, I can easily distinguish raw and fresh from those that have undergone even a slight processing procedure.

There is this one unique protein called, “Royalactin” which gives the fresh taste of a RJ. This protein actually have only 7 hours of life expectancy and currently, the only possible way to extend it is through freezing method.

Therefore, suppliers of raw and fresh RJ will ship their products contained inside a specialized cooler. Some uses insulated foam box with ice brix to keep the item from being frozen until received by the consumer.

If it happens that you ordered your fresh RJ from a trusted supplier then it is very important that you need to immediately store it inside your refrigerator or freezer. By doing so, your RJ will be good for one year when stored inside a refrigerator. Two years if inside the freezer since it offers a much colder environment.

What I usually do especially when I purchased a large amount of RJ, I would just cut the portion that I can consume for one month and I will place it inside my refrigerator. While the rest, I will store it in the freezer for a much better and more effective preservation.

Shipping Issue

Somehow, if you live from a very far distant location away from the supplier, you will most likely receive a thawed royal jelly substance. The reason is that, there is not enough time for the frozen item to maintain its temperature before arriving at your own place. On some cases, spoilage may even start to occur making you a very unsatisfied customer. If this incident happens to you then you have no other option but to try other suppliers preferably manufacturers that are closest to your area.

Moreover, if you are just starting to learn more about royal jelly and its health benefits then I have to give you a warning that bee products are sadly not suitable for everyone. Individuals who are strictly not allowed to take any kind of bee products are children, pregnant women and all those who are allergic to bees.

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