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Some health experts actually recommend the consumption of royal jelly substance as a type of food for lowering or normalizing the reading of your high blood pressure.

According to some several test-tube research experiments, a certain specific type of protein is found on the natural bee substance that can help lower high blood pressure conditions. What’s interesting about this particular protein is that, it allows the muscle cells of the heart’s veins and arteries to relax. Thus, the blood pressure will go down from high to low.

Warning: Since royal jelly is primarily intended to lower blood pressure, it is highly advised not to use this product if you are suffering from low blood pressure. Other than having low blood pressure, this bee substance must also be completely avoided if you have asthma or allergies. You have to know that royal jelly can cause severe side effects to an allergic individual.

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What is High Blood Pressure


Stages of Blood Pressure

Components of the Royal Jelly that Lowers Blood Pressure

Amount of Royal Jelly Dosage to Lower Hypertension

Human Clinical Trial of the Royal Jelly in Japan Research Institute

Reading Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also known as “Hypertension”. It is a condition that has something to do with the flow of blood in your body specifically in the arteries.

In most cases, if the arteries have build ups on their walls this causes blockages where the pathways become narrow. As a result, more pressure is increased by the heart in order for the blood to be forced through the narrow paths of the arteries. If this continues for a long term period of time, it can cause health problems especially heart diseases.


When it comes to the symptoms of a certain individual with high blood pressure, it is actually very surprising to know that there are no noticeable signs or symptoms that can be observed. Even to the point that the blood pressure readings go so high at alarming levels.

There are only few individuals who will experience some signs and symptoms. And these signs and symptoms are the following:


Shortness of Breath

Nose Bleeds


Heart Palpitations

Chest Pains

Again, these symptoms rarely occur to a certain individual where they can only be observed when the level of the high blood pressure reaches a life-threatening stage.

Stages of Blood Pressure

When you are going to read a blood pressure level, it is in the form of two groups of numbers separated by a slash symbol like this example: 120/80. It is read as 120 over 80.

The first group of number which is 120 here on our example is referred as the “systolic” while 80 is the “diastolic”.

Here are the following ranges of blood pressures that you should consider after getting a reading:

120/80 – Normal Stage

120 to 129/Less than 80 – Elevated Stage

130 to 139/80 to 89 – Stage 1 of a High Blood Pressure

140 and above/ 90 and above – Stage 2 of a High Blood Pressure

Above 180/ Above 120 – Hypertension Crisis

It is highly advised to consult with your doctor if you have blood pressure that is higher than the normal range. If you are at the level of hypertension crisis, this is considered as an emergency condition where you really need to see a doctor right away.

Components of the Royal Jelly that Lowers Blood Pressure

There was a group of Japanese researchers who finally discovered on their experiment that the royal jelly substance can help lower a high blood pressure.

In the other previous post, we have already covered the topic about royal jelly which is known to contain many rich essential nutrients such as the Vitamin B Complex. But in relation to hypertension which is the main focus of this article, this white creamy bee substance have a component known as “acetylcholine”. This is actually a neurotransmitter which helps in regulating blood pressure.

There is also another component of the royal jelly which is the “antioxidant flavonoid polyphenols”. Its purpose is to help improve arterial elasticity.

But among these components of the royal jelly, the main ingredients that contribute the most part in lowering blood pressure are the short chains of amino acids known as “peptides”. Its main function is to block the effects of the ACE or “Angiotensin Converting Enzyme”.

If you do not know what is an ACE then it is a powerful constrictor that can strangle the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are being strangled by the ACE, this will create tension with the pressure of the blood. Thus, it leads to a high blood pressure.

By taking a royal jelly substance, its peptide components can cause the ACE to loosen down its grip on the blood vessels and dilate. As a result, the blood can freely flow back as normal.

Well, there is one more additional way on how royal jelly can lower blood pressure. This is by preventing the effects of “renin” which is a hormone and enzyme processed in the kidney. Their purpose is to regulate the blood pressure and maintain electrolyte balance.  

Amount of Royal Jelly Dosage to Lower Hypertension

Before you start taking royal jelly as a natural treatment for lowering your hypertension, you have to make sure that the product that you are about to consume is fresh. You have to know that some bees’ milk products must be stored inside a freezer or refrigerator for their freshness to be maintained.

Now when it comes to the dosage, Dr. Sarah Brewer recommends an amount between 200mg to 600mg on each day. If this is your first time to taste royal jelly then you can start with the lowest dosage and perhaps, slowly increase the dosage in the succeeding days.

Aside from the dosage, taking royal jelly with an empty stomach seems to the best method of consuming this bee substance for its nutrients to effectively work on your system.

Human Clinical Trial of the Royal Jelly in Japan Research Institute

From the time of this post, there is still only one human clinical trial about the effects of the royal jelly in lowering high blood pressure or hypertension. The research and experiment was held in Japan where unfortunately, most of their results are only available in Japanese texts and it is yet to be translated in English.

The actual experiment was composed of a group of selected individuals who had mild hypertensions. During the three month period of study performed by the researchers, they had introduced royal jelly to their subjects’ diet and made a close observation to the changes of their blood pressures. As for the result, all participants of the experiment had their mild hypertension significantly reduced.

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