It is sad to say that there is “no set or fixed amount of time” on how long does the royal jelly can work to a certain individual before fertility can be achieved. It’s because the efficiency of this natural bee substance depends on how a person’s system will best absorb the nutrients.

There are actually very few people who got themselves ovulated by taking royal jelly in just a matter of one to two months. Majority got success within 3 to 5 months. While, some individuals are just unfortunate enough not to reap the fertility benefits of the royal jelly.

In most cases, the reason why royal jelly doesn’t work for a certain person is due to inappropriate consumption or consuming the wrong type of product.

Let’s cover more of these issues below:

Royal Jelly Dosage


Again, each person have different body system on how they absorb the nutrients provided by the royal jelly. Thus, you really have to define the right amount of dosage that your body needs.

You can start by taking the average recommended dosage by most experts and give it a slight increase through time.

If you are taking the royal jelly capsule supplement then the average dosage is 500mg per capsule. You must take three capsule a day particularly after or before each meal.

On the other hand, royal jelly is best taken in its fresh form. The average dosage is at least ½ teaspoon which is to be taken twice a day.

Fresh Royal Jelly is Always Best

Fresh Bee Product

If we are going to compare the potency between fresh royal jelly to any of its processed counterparts, the fresh form always remains to be the best. You have to know that the processing undergone by the natural bee substance had gotten rid most of the beneficial nutrients.

Being fresh though is still not good enough in terms of quality. Yes, there are poor quality of fresh royal jelly product where they came from polluted bee keeping farms. Thus, make sure that the source of your fresh royal jelly supplement originated from farms with clean environment.



Royal jelly must be properly stored inside a cold room temperature particularly inside a refrigerator. You have to know that one of the most valuable and unique protein of this substance called “royalactin” can only last for seven hours when exposed at an inappropriate room temperature.


Studies and researches remains to prove the effects of royal jelly towards fertility. But the good thing is that, this natural supplement has been used and known since ancient times that it can help improve fertility for both men and women.

There are also countless number of claims from various individuals with successful experiences with the royal jelly. Although, they had varied time or number of days that took them before they confirmed successful fertility.


Despite how interesting is the benefits of the royal jelly, a person who is allergic to bee products should not attempt giving this supplement a try. Being allergic to bee products can actually lead to severe reactions.

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