How much Royal Jelly to Take for Fertility?

Royal jelly is one among the natural super food containing many valuable x-components that are completely beneficial for human health. X means that there are still many undiscovered elements from this bee product which is probably the main reason why it has many components that can provide miraculous healing effects.

When it comes to fertility, royal jelly has the essential nutrients that can improve fertility rate for both men and women. Thus, a couple who have fertility issues must give royal jelly a try.

So how much royal jelly do you need to take for fertility purposes?

The standard and most recommended amount of royal jelly that you need to take should be at least 500 to 3000 mg on a daily basis. However, you should not take this amount of dosage in one go. You have to divide it into two or three equal doses and then consume it separately at different period of time. Majority of consumers take their royal jelly in separate three doses right after each meal of the day. This means first in the morning, second for the launch and third on the evening.

Some experts suggest that you can take your royal jelly in-between meals particularly with an empty stomach. The reason is that, your body will have better absorption of the nutrients making it quite more effective.

It is important that you need to take your royal jelly regularly over the course of several months. You have to know that it would really take some time before the benefits will be in full effect to your system. According to most consumers’ personal experiences, they have noticed improvement on their libido after a few months of constant use.

Men should expect results in just 1 to 3 months of continuous use. Woman may take much longer which is up to 12 months. If it happens that you still didn’t get pregnant after this specified period then it means that royal jelly isn’t the solution to your issue.

Experts suggest that you should take pure and natural royal jelly. Unfortunately, only a few individuals are so lucky enough to have access into this kind of product. Most available royal jelly products today have undergone various processing methods with some added extra ingredients which is not good. You should always opt for products with pure royal jelly only with no mixture of honey or anything else.

So before you decide to buy your first royal jelly, I highly recommend that you have to do your own research about the product that you intend to buy and use. I have to warn you that there are many fake products out there. So instead of the benefits that you are expecting by taking in the product, you will end up getting bad and unlikely results.

Commercial royal jelly products comes into two different forms which can be in capsules or “semi-liquid” state. Proper dosage about how much or the right amount of supplement to be taken is indicated by the manufacturers on their product label.

Majority of products in the form of capsule do contain 500 mg where the manufacturers recommends taking three capsules for a total of 1500 mg a day. For the fresh or liquid form, the recommended amount of dosage is ½ teaspoon which needs to be taken twice a day.

Defining the Proper Dosage

If this is your first time to try taking in royal jelly as a supplement then you need to define the proper dosage that your body exactly needs. So instead of directly taking the recommended amount of 500 to 3000 mg, I would like to suggest a dosage amount that is below 300 mg only. You can take this small amount ones a day or even just three times a week.

The reason why you need to start with small amount is to observe any possible side-effects that you might have. You also have to know that each individuals have different systems. This means, some people have better body system in absorbing nutrients whereas, small amount of dosage is already good enough for them. But for those who does not have such kind of system, they will need higher amount of dosage.

If it happens that you reached a dosage of 2000 mg but still there aren’t any noticeable effect then you may need to go for the 3000 mg. But before you do that, you may first want to consult your doctor. If you think that by taking more amount of dosage can bring instant result then you are wrong. Taking more than 5000 mg per day can actually cause hormonal disorder.

When to stop?

For men, you can continue taking in your royal jelly since there is no other reason why you need to stop unless you are allergic to it. I have already covered in the precious post many health benefits of royal jelly other than to improve fertility.

However, women should immediately stop taking in their royal jelly once they confirmed for themselves that they are pregnant. Take note, taking bee product supplements for pregnant women is dangerous even when breast feeding.

Moreover, experts claim that both partners should take royal jelly at the same time for better result of pregnancy. But before you do, make sure that you are not allergic to bee products and you are not taking contraception.

You may not believe it that there are already many individuals who had motivational success in taking in royal jelly for their fertility leading to their pregnancy. Even people who are already at the age of over 40 do have better chances if they do take royal jelly on their diet.

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