How to Know the Expiration Date of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly does not spoil or expire like most any other type of foods, but saying that royal jelly is the one and only type of food that doesn’t expire is “not quite really true”. Granulated sugar don’t expire as well.

The main secret of royal jelly is that, it contains an abundant amount of “10-hydroxy decanoic acid”, this component prevents the growth of all sorts of bacteria and molds. This tend to prevent or slow down the spoiling process. It can actually “stay fresh for 3 to 4 years” when stored in a freezer with a constant temperature. The fact is that, it doesn’t get bad to the extent where it became toxic to the body if you decide to eat it. Though, there is no scientific proof to this. My advice is that, you should probably go for another one if you discover that your RJ has lost its freshness and properties. What is the essence of consuming of what cannot give you 100% satisfaction?

How to know if Royal Jelly Product has expired?

Hard to say but when it goes bad, it develops a “rotten smell/taste”. Now, fresh RJ taste bad even when it is fresh, so try to differentiate between the strong, natural smell versus a rotten smell. It might still be ok and have some vitality left but It is likely that is has lost some of its value.

Beside the taste, you should also check visual differences in color, but have in mind that most times, color changes due to contact with air. The white color means, RJ is fresh and has been stored in the appropriate space. If there is difference in the color or taste of RJ, you should check the origin and expiry date.

How to Store a Royal Jelly Product to Prolong its Edible Condition

“Royal jelly does not have an expiration date” when it is kept frozen (best in a deep-freezer). RJ does not completely go bad but loses its properties and freshness with time, but when stored in deep-freezer, its properties and freshness can be preserved for a very long time.

Other tips to consider when storing your RJ are the following:

– Always has to be kept in the dark place, so store it in the dark jars.

– Fresh RJ is stored in a cool place, but it can be frozen or kept in a controlled atmosphere.

– It can be refrigerated up to six months.

– The storage time in the freezer is from one year to three years. This time depends on the temperature in the freezer.

– Thawed RJ should not be refrozen!

– Fluctuations in temperature should be minimal.

– When filling RJ in jars, they should be filled cups as much as possible – no empty air space.

– Use clean and undamaged materials that do not react with RJ.

– During the transport to the refrigerator or freezer use any type of cooler.

– The most simple is the preservation with honey. RJ can be mixed with the crystallized honey. If you are going to use liquid Honey, the RJ after some time floats to the surface, which is not good.

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