You have probably heard or read that bee pollen can be beneficial for individuals who are diabetics. Well, that is absolutely correct. Bee pollen is considered by many nutritionist experts as “nature’s wonder food” because of its precious numerous nutrients.

To name a few of this nutrients, bee pollen contains calcium, carotene, coenzymes, copper, fatty acids, iron, manganese, minerals, potassium, sodium, vitamin B-complex, and vitamin C. It also has “plant sterols” and consists of “about 10 to 15 percent of protein”.

All these beneficial nutrients are gathered by the bee insects from flowering plants where they come in the form of “powder-like substance”. This is what makes bee pollen purely all natural.

bee collecting pollen

In relation to diabetes, there were already several researches and studies about bee pollen used to prevent diabetes on many patients. One of them was the study conducted by O.M. Abo-Salem and his colleagues. Their research was published on the “Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences”.

What they discovered is that, bee pollens might be able to help “mitigate oxidative stress”. This results in delaying the onset of diabetic nephropathy to any patient suffering from diabetes.

Despite all those studies and researches, diabetes is a health condition that requires your doctor’s help. So before you intend to take bee pollen, it is always “best to consult with your doctor” where you will be given the best proper advice.

Benefits of Bee Pollen to Diabetic Patients

It is such a very wonderful thing that diabetes can be cured naturally by simply adding bee pollens into your regular diet.

There are actually many individuals with great and amazing experiences about the benefits by simply taking this natural substance on their regular diet. Their stories can be very “motivational and inspiring” that can encourage you on your way towards recovery. We will be discussing them on a separate post.

Anyway, here are the following common benefits of bee pollen specifically for the diabetic patients:

Protection against Stress

If there is so much sugar in your blood this could actually cause “stressful damages to your vital organs”. This is the most threatening cause of diabetes that when not properly prevented, it could lead to death.

By taking bee pollen into your diet, its nutrients has a “high amount of anti-oxidant”. This anti-oxidant is what protects your entire body from the stress caused by the high sugar content in your blood.

It doesn’t really offer a one hundred percent protection but it lessens the damages a lot. As a result, it helps maintain and improve your bodily functions.

Energy Enhancer

Do you exactly know the reason why diabetics do often feel tired most of the time?

The explanation is that they do not have enough “calories” which is being converted by the body into energy. Bee pollen offers the same type of energy through its “high content of protein and amino acid”.

You may be surprised to know that many athletes are taking bee pollen for the purpose of increasing their energy reserve.

Improve Healing and Prevents Infection

If you have been suffering from diabetes for some time around then you are probably aware that having wounds is a terrible experience. This is due to the reason that a “wound of a diabetic person do not heal in a normal manner where it takes some time”. This is again because of too much sugar in the blood.

Since it takes time for the wound to get healed, there is a very high potential that the wound will receive infection or even necrosis.

Bee pollen offers the necessary vitamins that can help hasten wound recovery. These vitamins are A, C, and E. When a wound can quickly heal up, this prevents infection.

Help Manage Obesity

Majority of diabetic patients are overweight or obese individuals. This is the reason why some medical experts often claim that “obesity and diabetes” always goes hand-in-hand.

Anyway, one common benefits of the bee pollen is that, it has this powerful component that is capable of helping the body burn the fats and aids in increasing metabolism.

Improves Overall Health

If you are one healthy person then chances are, you are less vulnerable to various forms of sickness. So one way to achieve or maintain a good overall health is to regularly consume bee pollen.

A person suffering from diabetes is somehow the complete opposite of a healthy individual. Diabetics can actually easily acquire diseases.

The only possible way for diabetics to protect themselves against bacteria and viruses is to “increase their overall health and wellness”. There are many ways on how to attain such level of health and just one among them is by adding bee pollen on your regular diet.

Reaping the Full Benefit of the Bee Pollen

Consuming bee pollen as a part of your regular diet is not good enough. You actually won’t be able to reap the full health benefits of the natural substance if it is not accompanied by a “healthy and fit lifestyle”. In short, bee pollen is best partnered with “proper diet and exercise”.

jogging exercise

So early in the morning, make it a habit to take bee pollen which can be consumed directly or as a supplement which is a lot more convenient for almost every individuals. Then, do some physical exercises especially jogging and stretching.

If you have strict discipline to your healthy diet and fit lifestyle then you should be able to observe the overall improvement to your health at the least possible period of time.

Another important aspect to make sure that the bee pollen that you are taking is effective against diabetes, you have to make sure that it is “made of high quality”. You need to be aware that there are already many bee pollen supplements that are cheap. However, they are most likely not safe because they often contain unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives.

Aside from the quality, you also need to make sure that you are buying your bee pollen supplement from a reputable and trusted brands. By sticking to such reliable suppliers, you are guaranteed that you are consuming pure, clean, and effective supplements.

Be aware that some suppliers particularly those with unfamiliar brands do often provide bee pollens that are contaminated with harmful toxins. Consuming these kinds of products do bring more harm than good.


Diabetes is a condition that can be managed in various ways and taking bee pollen is just one among these preferred methods. It is very important that diabetics needs to maintain their condition in order to avoid life-threatening health complications.

One of the major drawdown for diabetics who wants to try bee pollen as a natural treatment is “allergy”. Unfortunately, it is best to stay away from this substance if you are allergic to bee products since you might suffer more of the side effects than the benefits.

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