If you have paid a visit to your doctor and it happens that you heard the term “Atherosclerosis”, this actually means that you have high risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke which is a very critical type of condition when it suddenly occurs.

You have to know that atherosclerosis is a serious condition which involves your arteries. The condition is that plaque has accumulated in your arteries which restricts the flow of blood through them. If the plaques continue to build-up particularly at the artery walls, this will permanently block the arteries.

If the blockage occured from the arteries around your brain and you left it untreated, then it may result in your own death.

So how can a royal jelly prevent atherosclerosis from happening?

There have been several clinical trial tests conducted by various researchers. And, they have found out that royal jelly can help lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and decrease blood pressure which is helpful in preventing atherosclerosis.

You have to know that plaques that are building up in your artery walls are primarily composed of cholesterols. So if you do not control your diet and you continue to indulge yourself eating high cholesterol type of foods then the plaque will continue to accumulate.

But by changing your diet and introducing royal jelly into your system, you can prevent the plaque from further being accumulated in your arteries. Again, royal jelly helps in reducing LDL (which is bad cholesterol not needed by your body) especially when you are already diagnosed with atherosclerosis.

Aside from lowering the LDL in your body, royal jelly helps in decreasing blood pressure down to its normal level which is again very helpful if you are diagnosed with atherosclerosis. You have to know that if your blood pressure have increased, blood will force their way through those small or narrow openings of nearly blocked arteries and the result will not be good. 

Please Note:

It is not advisable to take royal jelly as a permanent replacement to any medically advised medication or instructions provided by your doctor. Although, you can perform a test if this natural substance can help assist you in your condition. And, this should be done by starting to take small doses while at the same time, observing for symptoms.

Additional Methods to Prevent Atherosclerosis

It is not good to rely only with the royal jelly to prevent yourself from suffering atherosclerosis. The effects of this natural substance will be rendered useless if you remain reckless with your bad habits.

So what are these additional methods?

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker and then you are diagnosed with atherosclerosis then this is a sign that you should quit with your smoking habit. It has been found out that smoking can damage the artery walls of your arteries which can lead to atherosclerosis.

If it happens that you do not smoke but you spend most of your time with a company of friends who smoke, then you are also at risk. It’s because you are still inhaling the smoke that your friends are exhaling out.

Avoid High Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Foods

The most effective method to prevent atherosclerosis starts from your diet. You have to start avoiding foods that are high in saturated fats and cholesterols. Again, if you have high cholesterol, this will cause plaques in your artery walls resulting in the narrowing of your arteries.

Some of the foods that you need to avoid includes meat, eggs, milks, and any other dairy related products. For other types of food, always check their food labels to be aware about the amount of saturated fats contents present in the product.

You should also limit the amount of salt and sugar intake.

So what are the allowed types of foods that you should eat?

You should go for the fresh fruits and vegetables. Replace saturated fats like butter with unsaturated vegetable oils like the canola oil.

Aside from the fruits and vegetables, you can also go for lean meats, fish, whole-grains, and whole-wheat.

Exercise Regularly

Don’t be lazy and perform exercises regularly. Daily physical activities can actually help prevent atherosclerosis because it helps in reducing fats in your blood, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and control your weight.

Thus, try to give yourself a regular schedule to exercise for at least 30 to 40 minutes. This time taken out from your daily schedule can really save yourself from acquiring atherosclerosis.

Visit your Health Advisor for Regular Checkup

By regularly visiting your health advisor, your blood pressure and cholesterol is closely being monitored. Whenever something is wrong, you will immediately be advised by your healthcare provider on what you need to do.

Control your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you have to know that this type of disease when not controlled can cause other serious health conditions such as atherosclerosis to develop. Thus, you should closely control your blood sugar level at all times.

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