Privacy Policy

Royal Jelly Benefits operates other third party websites such as advertising companies and services that collects log files. These third parties actually have the potential to collect limited or basic information from your computer particularly your behavior towards browsing the content found on this site. Most importantly, we would like to inform you that it is our policy to respect your privacy regarding any information that we may collect.

Visitors to Our Website

It is basically important for every site owners to use services that collects log files from their visitors. This allows us to make all the necessary adjustments of our site such as serving the appropriate contents for our readers or subscribers to read.

The log files being collected mostly contains non-personally-identifying information. They are basic info such as browser type, language preference, referring site, date, time and etc… Although, personally-identifying information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are also being collected particularly users who are logged in and users who are leaving their comments. As the administrator of this site, we never disclose or share such info to any other parties.

  • a. Non-Personally-Identifying Information

As describe above, non-personally-identifying information are gathered data based on how you interact towards this site. One good example is the monthly total visits of our website. So on some certain cases, we may display this information publicly or provide it to others.

  • b. Personally-Identifying Information

We do not disclose any personally-identifying information to others. It is our strict policy to treat your crucial information highly confidential. The only possible way for us to disclose personal information can be due to subpoena, court order or other governmental request. Although, we only supply crucial information if we believe in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary which protect our property, rights, third parties or the public at large.


Cookies are small files containing encrypted string of information. Unfortunately, these files are automatically generated into your PC when browsing a certain website such as royaljellybenefit.net or this website. Anyway, if you have some suspicion about cookie files then there are web browsers that allows you to refuse and block them. However, the website you are visiting may not function correctly.

When it comes to Royal Jelly Benefits, this website will most likely generate cookies coming from our third advertising partners and services that collects log files. Out third advertising partners needs to utilize cookies in order to collect data basing on your interest. This will enable them to present you a more related products or services on their ads the next time you come and visit us again in the future. As for the services that we use to collect log files, they utilize cookies to accurately record statistical numbers of your visits.

To learn more about cookies, we recommend to visit this Google page where they discussed it in clear details.

Advertising Companies

Royal Jelly Benefits is currently being monetized by two different advertising companies. Below are the following means on how this website gain commission from them as an affiliate partner:

1. Google Adsense

Those advertisements appearing here in our website are generated by Google Adsense. We gain commission from them if it happens that you have the interest on their products or services where you decided to visit their websites.

In relation to your privacy, we recommend that you should also read Google’s Advertising and Privacy page.

2. Amazon

Amazon is different from Google Adsense where we earn commission from them by selling their products. Our method is to introduce a certain product by writing helpful reviews then linking it into the Amazon sales page.

Google Webmaster Tool

The Google Webmaster Tool is a free service provided by Google to all website or blog owners. Its main purpose is to allow webmasters to maintain and find errors to their website. GWT also has a very important feature that allow us site owners to crawl our newly published post for faster indexing by the Google Search Engine.

But the important part that you need to know about is that, this tool does collect basic information from your visits. These include the number visits, demographic locations, devices used for accessing this blog and search terms. 

Comment Form

As the owner of this blog, I have enabled the Comment Form to allow my visitors to post their own opinions so as to ask questions that are related to the discussion. But before they do, they are provided with three forms to fill-up which are their name, email and website URL.

Anyone can either use their real name but most people don’t where they often use fake names.

As for the email and website URL, it is actually optional to provide these information. You can just leave it blank and directly send your comment. But if you have provided any of these information, your email will be kept private where only I can see it. While for the website URL, this will be published along with your comment for public view.

Feedburner eMail Subscription Form

Feedburner is an email subcription service where a visitor who is interested in the content of this blog can subscribe. In order to subscribe, they need to enter and submit their email into the form. Once they are registered, they get the benefit of receiving an alert directly from their email about the latest published post.


General Data Protection Regulation is a new rule implement by the EU. So in order to comply with this new rule, all acquired information that I covered on this Privacy Policy page gives my visitors the right to ask for their data to get deleted from this website. Just contact me and I will immediately grant your request.

Privacy Policy Changes

The stated privacy policy written on this page may change from time-to-time. Although, most changes are likely minor but still we encourage all of our visitors especially frequent readers to check this page for any changes. If you have an account with us then you will receive an alert informing you about the changes that are made.

Your continued use of browsing our site despite of the changes that we made here on our Privacy Policy means that you have accepted such change.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 25, 2018.