After learning all the health benefits that a “royal jelly” product can bring into your own overall health, the next thing that you need to know about is the proper or best way of taking it on your regular day-to-day life style. Being a beneficial super food doesn’t mean that you can consume large amount of it in just a short sudden period of time then expect positive results. This is ultimately wrong where to key to the substance’s efficiency is by observing proper amount of dosage consumed on a regular scheduled time.

There are actually three different forms of royal jelly that you can acquire from the market. Of course, we have the raw and fresh substance where its availability to some places is an issue. But, the two products which are in the form of powder and syrup are what’s mostly available.

Taking a Fresh Royal Jelly

Many experts claim that taking royal jelly in its raw or fresh natural state is a lot way better than those processed powder and syrup. The main reason is that, the processing has gotten rid most of the vital nutrients that the bee substance could provide. Thus, it is highly recommend that you should take royal jelly in its natural form if possible.

To properly eat it, you need to schedule a time. The most perfect time should be when you stomach is empty and the best time for this is when you just woke up early in the morning. There is really no complicated procedures where all you need is a spoon that you can use to scoop on the liquid. Swallow it into your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue just like a regular candy.

The recommended amount of dosage a day is to consume half of a teaspoonful.

If this is your first time to taste a royal jelly, I would like to give you a warning that most individuals finds it to have a strong bitter taste. Thus, it would be quite hard for beginners to just swallow it directly as instructed above. The solution to this is that, you can mix some sweeteners like honey or a jam. What most consumer does is that they mix it on their smoothies.

The bitter taste of the substance is actually a sign that you have a fresh royal jelly. So if you bought a product that doesn’t have this kind of awful taste then that isn’t a real royal jelly but a fake one.

Taking a Powered Royal Jelly

Powdered form of royal jelly have undergone a certain “drying” procedures. Some of its important nutrients may have been removed but there are still many other nutrients that remains on it. This still makes the powdered form a viable supplements.

Since it is powder, you have to mix it into a liquid. I am pretty sure that you already got the idea. But for those who don’t, you can mix it into your sweet fruit juices. I myself mix it on my early morning coffee.

Taking Royal Jelly Capsules

The capsule form is the most common available royal jelly supplement in the market today. It’s because you can easily take it along with you when you go travelling around. Unlike when you have the raw where it needs to be stored at a cold temperature.

Inside those capsules are actually powered royal jelly which is exactly the same from as the one discussed above. They are just coated in the form of a capsule for an easy ingestion process.

The Vials

At some point, you may also encounter royal jelly in the form of vials. It is actually nothing different from the powder where it requires liquid particularly water to consume it properly. Perhaps the only advantage is that, you do not need to make measurements for the right amount of dosage that you need. It’s because one vial already contains the exact amount of dosage that you need for the whole day.

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