Everyone’s impression about “heart disease” is that, it is one of the most feared health conditions because there is currently no cure. Only what doctors can do is to “make it better”. The good thing is that, most heart disease suffered by many individuals today is now treatable.

Being able to find treatment for heart disease doesn’t mean for the medical professionals that it ends here. They actually keep on researching for the best possible treatment. So on one of their recent studies, they discovered that royal jelly has a lot to offer in the field of cardiology.

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Positive Impact of Royal Jelly on Cholesterol Levels

How Cholesterol Affects the Heart

Nutrients of the Royal Jelly for Good Cardiovascular System

Type 2 Diabetes can cause Strain to the Heart


Heart Pain

Positive Impact of Royal Jelly on Cholesterol Levels

There were already several experiments conducted by group of researchers on both animals and humans in order to determine the impact of royal jelly to the cholesterol levels of heart disease. Their findings seem to be quite interesting where there is a potential that this white milky bee substance can reduce the risk.

Although, the researchers still cannot explain the exact mechanism about how the natural bee substance creates positive impact in lowering cholesterol levels. Base on their own speculation, it is probably due to certain specific proteins.

Experiment on Animals

A group of researchers had conducted an experiment on animals; specifically on rabbits to test the effectiveness of the royal jelly at lowering bad cholesterol levels. This actual experiment took 12 weeks of study where it involved introducing royal jelly to the regular diet of the rabbits.

The test result of their experiment was quite interesting. It was because the rabbits started at 28% of bad LDL cholesterol levels. After the 12 week study, these furry creatures end up with 23% result where they gained 5% reduction on the levels of their cholesterols.

Experiment on Humans

The effectiveness of the royal jelly in lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels won’t still be acceptable if it has never been tested on humans. So it is a very good thing to know that there was a group of researchers who performed an experiment with humans as their test subjects.

This experiment took one-month of human study. Each bad LDL cholesterol levels of the participants differed from one another. And, they took an amount of about 3 grams of royal jelly on their daily diet.

When the experiment finally came to an end, the result is quite impressive where the researchers saw 11 to 4 percent total reduction on their subjects’ bad LDL cholesterol levels.

Despite the positive result of the royal jelly on this experiment, it is still not yet considered official. The researchers claim that they needed further studies in order to confirm their results.

How Cholesterol Affects the Heart

If it happens that there is too much cholesterol in your blood, this will cause builds on your arteries. This is called “atherosclerosis” which is a type of heart disease. Due to the build ups, the pathway for the blood to flow will become narrow. And at some point, the arteries will be completely blocked which is going to be the worst case scenario.

When the arteries are now slightly clogged, the blood will exert more effort to pump harder in order to make its way through the clogged arteries. As a result, this will cause high blood pressure.

Speaking about high blood pressure, there is actually a specific type of protein by the royal jelly which is called “hydrolysate”. This nutrient is what helps and maintain blood pressure at a healthy level. In short, it prevents the heart from stress and over exerting pressure.

Nutrients of the Royal Jelly for Good Cardiovascular System

Royal jelly has plenty of precious nutrients that offer a lot of health benefits for the human body. Since this post is all about heart disease, we will only focus on this particular topic.

There are actually nutrients on the white milky substance that consists of manganese, amino acids, and niacin. These components are important for the cardiovascular system so as the entire body to function normally.

Vitamins and minerals are also found on the royal jelly. These are nutrients that are helpful in getting rid of the free radicals. You have to know that free radicals are the major contributors of diseases in your body. In relation to heart disease, these free radicals can clog your arteries.

Your body is still the one that will work and eliminate the free radicals. However, amino acids and other essential nutrients are needed by your body to fight them. As one of the best sources of such nutrients, royal jelly is one among them.

Type 2 Diabetes can cause Strain to the Heart

Aside from the bad cholesterol, type 2 diabetes is another one major cause that can bring damage to the heart. You may be surprised to know that individuals who are suffering from diabetes have the high risk of developing heart disease. Worst, it is pretty much common for those who have type 2 diabetes.

One of the natural remedy that can help with the symptoms of the type 2 diabetes is royal jelly supplements. Many consumers have already tested it and they claim that it helps reduce their blood sugar levels. And, their insulin sensitivity has also shown some improvement. This is probably due to the royal jelly’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Before you attempt to consider taking royal jelly to help you managed with the symptoms of your heart conditions, it is important for you to know that this natural bee product is not for everyone. So if you are allergic to any kind of bee products then this natural remedy is not for you.

Take note: Royal jelly can cause severe side-effects to those individuals who are allergic to bee products.  

Considering that you are not allergic to bee products, it is also highly advisable to consult with your doctor to avoid any possible complications that might occur at your current heart health condition.

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