Royal Jelly Benefits for Hair Treatment and Care

You might be surprised to know that the use of royal jelly for hair treatment and care have already been proven effective by countless number of individuals. The power of this substance even exceeds most other expensive commercial hair products. This is the reason why you should not ignore using royal jelly hair conditioner or supplements if you want to have a healthy hair.

Did you know that the major cause of hair damage are due to the use of harsh chemical products that promises good healthy hair style? Another common cause of hair damage are due to styling tools. As a result, damaged hairs will require essential nutrients which can be provided by royal jelly.

Royal jelly is complete with rich vitamins and minerals providing your hair with proper “hydration” eliminating dryness. This will also open the blocked follicles of your hair allowing it to absorb more of the nutrients provided by the royal jelly substance. Within those nutrients are the proteins and amino acids which can rejuvenate the scalp and help repair damaged hair.

Here are the following amazing results claimed by most individuals who are using royal jelly for their hair treatment and care:

1. Unblock Hair Follicles

Dry hair is the result of blocked hair follicles. As already stated above, the use of royal jelly substance can unblock these follicles allowing them to absorb the necessary nutrients. Once this happens, faster growth of healthy, strong and soft hair can be observed.

2. Rejuvenate Scalp and Repair Hair Damaged Tissues

Damaged scalp and hair tissues are the main cause of poor hair growth or hair loss. Fortunately, royal jelly is capable of restoring them back.

3. Keeps Hair Moisturized

If you are suffering from dry hair that easily breaks then a royal jelly hair conditioner is the perfect cure for this kind of condition. The result of fully functional scalp, follicles and hair tissues is actually a healthy and moisturized hair. In addition, it will also slightly increase the thickness of your hair making them more resistant to breakage.

4. Neutralize Free Radicals on Hair

Most natural food contain antioxidants which fight and neutralize harmful free radicals within your body. Royal jelly also contain such nutrient but unlike other foods, it is so powerful enough that it can reach and neutralize free radicals on your hair.

5. Permanent Solution to Dandruff

Many people actually suffer from dandruff especially women because of their long hairs. But through application of royal jelly hair conditioner, it will eliminate abnormal dryness of the scalp so as flaking.

Royal Jelly Hair Conditioner

Royal jelly hair conditioners are cosmetic products that are made from ingredients taken from natural royal jelly substance. It is directly applied to your scalp and hair after shampooing. For best result, it is recommended that you should comb and rinse your hair thoroughly. If you have damaged hair then it is suggested to leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

There are actually plenty of different royal jelly hair conditioner products out in the market today. However, not all of them promises to bring what they claim because some are fake. Thus, the best and easiest place to buy such product is through the internet. Through various product review websites, you will be able to investigate if the product you are about to buy is genuine or not.

Royal Jelly Capsule/Supplement

Damaged hair can also be treated and cared by taking royal jelly capsules or supplements. It is actually a vitamin that comes in the form of capsule, tablet or liquid.

Since the early 1920s, royal jelly became one of the main subject of numerous studies in the field of medicine. Research results show that this natural substance contain extremely high vitamins and nutrients. Among the specific contents of this vitamins are the amino acids and minerals that nourishes your hair even while it is still growing in its follicle. Another one is the Vitamin B-5 or “pantothenic acid” which prevent premature hair from turning into gray color.

Royal Jelly for Curing Hair Loss

The one responsible in the production of your hair and nails is a fibrous protein called, “keratin”. Most people who are suffering from hair loss have insufficient keratin in their bodies. Thus, this fibrous protein must be boosted in which a royal jelly is capable of enhancing it.

Royal jelly actually contain a vitamin of the B complex known as “biotin”. This type of vitamin can help produce keratin.

Aside from biotin are the folic acid and inositol. The folic acid is the one responsible for hair regrowth or regeneration. Not only that, it also promotes healthy cell growth and skin regeneration as well. Inositol is another type of vitamin that is important for hair growth. Insufficient supply of these three proteins within your body often result into hair loss. Thanks to royal jelly supplements that this condition can be prevented or cured.

Moreover, royal jelly is a substance that can cause allergic reaction to anyone who is allergic to bee products.

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