Royal Jelly can make Wrinkles Disappear

Is royal jelly really good for wrinkles to the extent that it can make them completely disappear?

According to a Dermatological Cosmetic expert, Hans Weitgasser, M.D., he claimed that royal jelly mixed as one of the main ingredients of cosmetic products like face mask, creams, and lotions will have significant effect at “cellular level”. In short, it is quite very effective for skin care issues.

Further than that, regular usage or application of the royal jelly product will most likely lead into a soft and beautiful skin. And this includes, causing wrinkles to disappear.

The main reason why royal jelly makes the perfect ingredient for getting rid of wrinkles safely and naturally is the amount of “gelatins” that it contains. In case you do not know, gelatin is very important for your skin which helps produce collagen.

Aside from the gelatin, this amazing bee product is also composed of several building blocks that are quite important and needed by your skin. They help your skin to repair itself and maintain a perfect appearance.

Some of the components of the royal jelly that are beneficial for your skin includes the following:

– Vitamins A, C, D, and E
– Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12)
– Biotin
– Niacin
– Folic Acid
– Pantothenic Acid
– Inositol

Hormonal Imbalance Causes Skin Problems

“Hormonal imbalance” does occur when you have a decrease in hormones. This usually happen during your menopausal period which leads you to experiencing skin problems. You have to know that when you have “low estrogen” level, this will have a huge impact on your skin which can cause drastic changes.

Here are the following symptoms for women who experiences hormonal imbalances:

– As already stated above, your skin will have negative significant changes where it will become drier and your most hated part, your wrinkles will increase.
– Since hormonal imbalance is due to insufficient production of your collagen, this would result into your skin to become more fragile. This also causes your skin to lose its elasticity.
– You will notice that your older skin will appear to be much paler. The explanation to this is due to the lack of estrogen which in turn badly reduces the supply of the blood vessels into your skin.
– Menopause can also cause a drop into your testosterone level but not that too significant when compared to the drop of your estrogen level.

The good thing about royal jelly is that, it can help treat hormonal imbalance but it must be done in a proper way. This is due to the fact that hormones are somewhat quite complicated issues.

Experts suggest that if you choose royal jelly as a natural remedy then you have to regularly consume it for at least a “minimum of three months period”.

How your Skin Benefits from the Royal Jelly

Did you know that fresh royal jelly contains about 60 to 70 percent of water? This water is what prevents your skin from drying. Anyway, its other important components are composed of many precious proteins.

Let’s list them down below:

– It contains amino acids. All sorts of amino acids that is completely beneficial for human health. In case you do not know, amino acids are one among the vital component of collagen that helps enhance your skin to stay firm.
– Sugar which is composed of fructose and glucose.
– There are also lipids, minerals, and the vitamins already mentioned above.
– The royal jelly’s fat is another beneficial component towards protecting your skin particularly from dehydration and inflammation. It actually has quite effective moisturizing properties.
– It also has powerful antibiotic and fungicidal properties.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, not only royal jelly can make wrinkles disappear but also many other skin related issues. These includes improving the appearance of stretch marks, reduce oily skin, boosts skin elasticity and firmness, and etc…

Pure and Fresh Royal Jelly can be quite more effective

Some really do not have access to suppliers of fresh and pure royal jelly products so the only option is to buy those processed cosmetic products. But for those who have access to fresh and pure royal jelly, they can be more quite effective in rejuvenating yourself naturally.

Many individuals already have good and positive experience with the pure and fresh royal jelly particularly in treating their wrinkled tired facial skins. The rejuvenating and regenerative effect of this natural bee substance actually normalizes the “sebaceous glands” of your body. When normalized, acne and other skin related infections will naturally recover and get healed.

Aside from wrinkles, royal jelly has also been tested on blackhead skin which gave good result.

So how do you apply it?

Application is quite simple. Apply the natural substance onto your skin for at least once every two weeks. And here’s the most important part, once applied, you have to massage it for at least 15 minutes. When it’s done, wash it with warm water and allow your skin to dry.

You should expect result after three to six times of application. If it worked then you should expect your skin to become smoother and brighter. And of course, those wrinkles, blemishes, and terrible coloration will begin to disappear.

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