Royal Jelly Cancer Cure for Various Cancer Diseases

It is so amazing to know that royal jelly can possibly cure various forms of cancers. Many people had already died from cancers that even medical experts of our time cannot still find any effective method to combat these deadly form of diseases. Recent survey shows that people who have aids and HIV can only live for up to 20 years starting from the time when the disease has been diagnosed or shows serious symptoms.

The only possible method of curing cancer today are through radiation and chemo therapies. Unfortunately, only few of the patients can survive and complete their therapies but they will most likely suffer from the side effects. This is the main reason why most people suffering from cancer are looking for natural treatment as an alternative. Gladly, royal jelly has been discovered by health experts which is a natural substance produced by the honey bees. It is actually rich in potent nutrients that are capable of curing various forms of diseases including cancers. In fact, there are already many rigorous studies and experiments proving the capability of this bee substance to cure cancer patients.

According to one of the studies conducted by medical experts on their patients suffering from cancer, they discovered that the royal jelly is quite effective at blocking BPA. This is a type of estrogen responsible in accelerating the production of cancerous cells. Aside from BPA, this milky bee substance is also capable of preventing the formation of MC-7 cells. These are type of cells that causes breast and cervical cancer among women.

Another interesting result was published on 2009 edition of the BMC (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). A group of Japanese researchers found out that the royal jelly can fight cancer by suppressing the blood supply to the tumor. They discovered it when they tested the substance on an umbilical vein tissues.

You may be surprised to know that there was an interesting survey conducted by some curious researchers. They made a survey to a group of royal jelly consumers in comparison to a group of non-royal jelly consumers. The result made an impression that there are less number of individuals who died from cancer belonging to the group of people who regularly consumes honey products as compared to those that does not. However, there is yet no further studies that are conducted to support this survey result.

Royal Jelly as a Backup Therapy for Cancer

Royal jelly, organic honey, pollen, propolis and bees wax are all honeybee products containing valuable health nutrients that can fight against cancer. However, they still need further research and studies the reason why medical experts only suggests them as a form of backup therapy.

As already mentioned above, therapies often result into side effects being suffered by the patients. It actually causes general body weakness which are often due to the micro-organisms that destroy the body’s immunity. Apart from a weakened body, the patients, may also feel very tired and nauseated particularly after the treatment procedures. And worst, they may suffer from skin burns, mouth ulceration and loss of hair.

But through consumption of royal jelly, the body receives a powerful amino acids that combats the micro-organisms. Aside from revitalizing and energizing the body, it also has the health nutrients that prevent further growth of tumors putting an end into them from ever coming back.

Assuming that a certain person is declared cancer free, he or she still needs to maintain a balanced diet especially those types of food that is recommended by the doctor. In most cases, foods like carrots, beetroots, garlic, grapes, sweet potatoes, oranges, lemons, broccoli and spinach are suggested because they are also known to possess nutrients that can prevent cancer. But if the patient is not allergic to bee products, the best recommended type of food is still the royal jelly. It is because, it already contains all the nutrients found in those mentioned foods. In short, it is the complete package.

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