Majority of individuals will start to experience acne on their teenage years onwards. Based on statistics, there are about 50 percent of the world’s population who suffer from this facial skin condition. Some even do have severe acne that when not properly treated, it could lead to ugly scars.

Acne is really not a simple skin problem. This is because human skin are so “incredibly fragile and irritable”. In fact, there is currently no solid cure available until today that can ultimately put an end to acne problems.

Since there is no permanent cures, there are several treatment options that are available that you can give a try. One among them is the royal jelly which is a natural substance taken from the bee insects.

Many medical experts even highly recommends the use of royal jelly against acne. It’s because it is so very effective at treating various skin problems. And that’s not all, this natural bee substance also contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for your health.

Royal jelly actually offers a lot of health benefits that helps promotes over all general wellbeing.

How Royal Jelly can treat Acne

Many people have been searching for treatment to their embarrassing acnes problem and it is too sad to say that only few are aware about royal jelly. This is probably due to availability of the product.

Treating acne problems with the natural bee substance is quite pretty simple and easy. You just have to take it or apply it regularly and you should notice the difference.

For teenagers, it is a lot more important for them to understand the cause and effect of taking royal jelly.

When it comes to teens, this will be the age where a certain person tends to have “raging hormones”. The bad thing about this state will cause the body to have a hormonal imbalance. If this happens, the body can easily suffer from various skin inflammation where acne is just one among them.

acne problems

Since the main issue for most skin related problems is hormonal imbalance, the only way to cure it is to balance it back to its normal state. Now, it is a good thing to know that royal jelly do have a powerful component included on its nutrients that has the capability to treat unstable hormones.

Another explanation for skin related issues is the skin’s “acidic concentration”. You have to know that the entire skin of the human body is normally acidic in nature.

The skin when magnified using a powerful microscope, it actually composed of ducts. This is what makes the skin vulnerable to bacteria and many other sorts of germs. But with the presence of the acid on the skin, the ducts are pretty much well protected.

At some point, there are individuals where the pH level or acidity of their skin suddenly becomes insufficient making their skin easily invaded by bacteria and germs.

According to some studies, royal jelly do have a high concentration of acidic substance. It is even in fact regarded by many food experts as the best source of natural “hydroxyl acids”. You might even be surprised to know that this type of acid is what being used by most beauty product manufacturers on their skin cosmetic products.

Is it better to Take Royal Jelly Topically or Internally?

There are two possible options for you on how you can take royal jelly to treat your acne problem. This is by taking the substance topically or internally.

The answer to the question above is that, taking royal jelly either by topical or internal method will produce same similar results. Anyway, it is actually not a matter about which is better but more about your suitability.

Assuming that you occasionally suffer from pimple problem, you may choose the topical way of applying the royal jelly substance to help fight your acne. But if you feel uncomfortable with the substance on your skin, you may choose the other option.

You can directly consume royal jelly in its purest form. However, many individuals cannot withstand the terrible taste. So for this reason, royal jelly in the form of supplement capsule are now made available in the market. As a capsule, anyone can easily take it without any problem regarding its taste.

Royal jelly in the form of supplementary capsules are recommended for individuals who are suffering from bad acne and already using various topical creams. These includes moisturizes, washes and scrubs, and etc… In short, the bee substance works its treatment internally while the others works on the outside.

Applying Royal Jelly Substance on your Acne

If you are planning to take the royal jelly supplementary capsules then it is important that you have to read the product’s label for the proper instructions.

To take the natural bee substance in its pure form, you have to know that it is best to take it with an empty stomach. So it is best recommended that you should take it for at least 15 minutes before having your meal.

You should also observe the proper dosage where you need to consume 1 to 5 grams per day.

When it comes to topical application, many individuals find it best to apply the substance on their face and then leave it overnight. In the morning when they wake up, they will wash it up. Some will notice significant result that some would even describe it as magical.

If you cannot do it overnight, you can leave it on your face for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off after this period. Some claims that the result can even be improve by adding a mixture of almond oil.

Maintaining your Skin Free from Acne

Again, there is currently no permanent cure for acne. It can get treated but it can come back anytime particularly when the treatment routine is no longer being maintained.

Thus, it is basically saying the same thing as you need to be taking royal jelly throughout your entire life-time. There is really nothing bad about it especially when you are well aware about royal jelly’s health benefits.

Moreover, if you have a well maintained healthy skin care routine, sudden acne flare-ups can be completely avoided.

facial care

Maintaining a healthy skin is not just all about taking your royal jelly supplement or other cosmetic products that promotes healing. A healthy lifestyle must also be properly observed.

A good healthy lifestyle includes proper diet, exercise, hygiene, and good amount of rests.


Despite the royal jelly’s capability to treat acne, this natural bee substance is not for everyone. People who are allergic to any bee products are highly advised to avoid royal jelly because they could suffer from its severe side effects.

Pregnant women and small children are also advised to stay away from this natural bee product.

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