Royal jelly is sometimes called “bee’s milk” which is a creamy thick liquid secreted out from the special glands of the young worker class of bees who are serving as “nurses” of their hive.

The bee larvae are the once that get to consume royal jelly with mixture of honey but only with small amount and only for their first 3 days of being born. On their 4th day, they will stop taking this form of diet where they will start to be developed as worker bees. But among all the larvae, there is one lucky bee which is fed with royal jelly throughout the rest of its life and this is the queen. This special bee will grow larger in size as compared to the average bees. Science claims that they are 40 percent bigger and 50 percent heavier. While, its life span is 40 to 50 times longer. Once it reaches maturity, her task is to produce enormous amount of eggs on a daily basis. Again, according to science, she will be producing an amount of eggs that are worth twice the weight of its own body.

What really interest numerous researchers is the effect of royal jelly towards the diet of the queen bee. So they decided to conduct studies where they found out that the chemical composition of the substance is rich with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, DNA, RNA and a lot of other elements that are highly beneficial for human body consumption. Unfortunately, there are still other compounds that are not yet identified.

Royal Jelly – A Proven Cure for Arthritis


People who are suffering from arthritis will be so excited on this discovered cure. Recently, one of the best researchers gathered themselves to develop a medicine that could cure “rheumatoid arthritis” and they choose royal jelly as the main subject of their study. Through the progress of their experiments, they uncovered a compound known as “10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid”. Let’s call it 10H2DA since it’s shorter and a lot easier to pronounce.

So what is so interesting about this 10H2DA?

The researchers have discovered that the compound was able to block two pathways of pro-inflammatory signals. To explain it in a much better sense, if you got an arthritis attack, your cells will send an alert for protection. So as a result, inflammatory chemicals will come to the rescue to help in the process of healing your joint. It is actually your body’s “biological response” for protection which is highly beneficial. However, the inflammation could result into an issue causing further inflammation towards your body which is really not good. If this happens, it results into a case known as “Rheumatoid Arthritis” (RA). RA is like a form of malfunction of the autoimmune response. It occurs where the immune system is mistakenly attacking healthy tissues where it thinks they are harmful pathogens. Long term repeated attacks can lead to joint damages, pain and then later, disability.

According to this study, RA can be cured through the use of royal jelly’s 10H2DA compound. It simply works by interrupting the inflammation which will stop the damages of the joint.

This case study can be read in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacol, 2010 Feb 3”.

Other Studies that Shows Royal Jelly Cures Arthritis

In the 1960s, English physicians performed a rather large study on arthritis. Using a combination of royal jelly and pantothenic acid, they monitored symptoms and blood vitamin levels. As the levels in blood of pantothenic acid rose, it responded to the arthritic symptoms. In all subjects within 28 days, there was a definite improvement and in a number of patients, pain was completely eliminated. These individuals had dozens of symptoms of rheumatism. The patients were followed for over a year, and as long as they continue to take the royal jelly and pantothenic acid treatment they remained in good condition.

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