Royal Jelly for Ovulation

There is a growing popularity of the natural royal jelly substance in aiding women who are trying to conceive. Although, medical studies and researches are yet to provide any strong evidence if it’s really good for fertility.

Thus, the only way to find out is to give it a try. You just have to make sure that you are not allergic to bee products.

One interesting story that I found was about a women who claimed that her last cycle almost lasted for a long two months period and she did not ovulate. But interestingly, she did at her 45th days.

At first she had lost hope of getting herself ovulated, thus she had given royal jelly capsules a try. She started using the bee product on her 35th day cycle period. Then after only 10 days, she was so surprised to know that she finally got herself ovulated.

Let’s do some fast forwarding with the time. This time, it was her second cycle. Since her previous short 10 days experience with the royal jelly capsule was a success, this still left her some doubts if it was really the one responsible that made her ovulate.

In order to find out, she started taking royal jelly on her early cycle rather than to imitate what she did the last time. She took the same exact royal jelly capsule from before. Since she was yet to ovulate, she decided to switch into a more potent form of the bee substance which is a fresh royal jelly with honey base.

She started taking a dosage of 1 tablespoon in the morning then increased it at the next succeeding days to 2 tablespoons. Suddenly, she felt having uterine cramping. In the next day, her temperature went up and then she was elevated. To make the details short, the royal jelly supplement worked with her in just 33 hours. Her experience is completely amazing that she considered it as a miracle.

The reason why she claim it as a miracle is that, she had history of poor chances of getting ovulation. In fact, her last year experience was actually a total failure. Her cycle took 9 months and she ends up with no ovulation at all.

Efficiency of Royal Jelly to Help in Ovulation

The efficiency of royal jelly to a certain individual can be different from one another particularly the time for it to take effect. In most cases, the average time for most people will usually have positive result after a few months of regular consumption.

The women with the story above probably have a system that best absorb the nutrients provided by the royal jelly and utilize them quite effectively for her body needs. There are only few individuals with such kind of system.

However, if there are individuals who can reap the health benefits of the royal jelly efficiently, there are also individuals who unfortunately do not. No matter how much or how long do they consume the natural bee product, they aren’t getting any positive result.

There are even some unproven claims that royal jelly had negative effects on them where they experienced delay on their ovulation.


Royal jelly is not meant for everyone. The good thing is that, majority of individuals can freely consume the natural substance without encountering issues.

In relation to ovulation, this bee product has already become a very popular supplement for many women who are trying to conceive. This is due to the reason that the royal jelly is believed by many that it promotes good fertility. To support this claim, there are already many individuals who shares their successful stories online just like the one we covered above.

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