Royal jelly is a natural compound found in the mouth glands of worker bees. They feed the “chosen” larvae when circumstances call, such as when the queen bee is already old and weak, or had been killed. Royalactin is a component that has the capacity to change larvae into queen bee – in appearance and in developing active ovaries.

These properties are believed to be the “special” elements in this compound apart from having various health benefits and nutrients. It also has enzymes that help in proper nutrient absorption and digestion when taken as a dietary supplement.

Weight Loss

weight loss

As people continue to be advised to watch their weight, most of them are constantly combing through places looking for the best and natural ways to lose weight. However, it is because of its amazing weight loss effects, royal jelly has become one of the most sought after by people who know what it can do when it comes to shedding off those extra pounds. After all, Lecithin, one of the components found in royal jelly can effectively lower the level of cholesterol, promote health digestion and improve liver function. All these can help you with your weight loss efforts.

Scientific Evidence that Royal Jelly is good for Weight Loss

Recently, a group of determined scientists turned their attention to royal jelly if it has a special compound that can induce “thermogenesis”.

What is thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is a natural and safe process that takes place in the internal part of your body. And, it happens all the time. If you love to drink green tea, then it actually induces thermogenesis. The same thing goes with other compounds found in coffee and cayenne.

If you do not know yet, an increased thermogenesis can boost metabolism and burn body fats quite effectively. All those products in the market known as “fat burners” do work on this same method.

Here is the most interesting part, the scientists have discovered the HDAA and HDEA compounds of the royal jelly where they have the potential to trigger special proteins of the human cells. They were able to observe that once the proteins were activated, there is an increased rate in the fat burning process. When the increased level was measured, it was an awesome success because the result was a huge increase.

Now, upon knowing all the details of the experiment described above, don’t go chugging a large amount of royal and expecting that your body will return back in good shape overnight. It takes some process of observation where you have to take it in moderate amount. Unfortunately, there is no reference about how much amount of royal jelly you need to take in order to increase the thermogenesis of your body. The test also did not state if the experiment was performed in a test tube or they tested on a human subject.

If you want to read the entire documentation of the experiment, you can find it in the “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, dated February 24, 2011”.

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