Royal Jelly Shampoo – A Miracle Worker

For a healthy glowing looking hair, Royal Jelly shampoo (RJS) is highly recommended especially to women. This product is actually massively produced and marketed these days.

This milky white substance found in beehives and used to make the bees’ queen and larvae healthy, is proven to have rejuvenation and anti-aging effects.

Unlike some hair care products, royal jelly shampoo, is equally beneficial for men and women. Inositol, folic acid and biotin are vitamins and minerals responsible for good and strong hair. Men are of higher risk of deficiency from them, which consequently means that they are of higher risks for baldness.

This awesome product provides the vital essential elements that your hair needs such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and etc… which promotes proper hair growth. Royal jelly actually has the ability to regenerate living cells to help keep your hair stay healthy and strong. You can actually notice the huge difference especially if it is your first time to use it. The result will be an energized, manageable and soft healthy shine hair.

Active Ingredients of the Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly: Nature’s super food concentrate for the queen bee, conditions hair with the most essential nutrients leaving hair soft with hi-gloss finish.

Wheat Germ Oil: Excellent for nourishing and repairing hair, rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, vitamin F containing vital fatty acids which are highly active in rehabilitating and rejuvenating skin and hair tissues.

Honey: This is a humectant, which means that it holds on to water molecules. This is a desirable property in a moisturizer, it smoothens the cuticle so the hair feels soft and looks shiny.

Panthenol: It’s a humectant, emollient and moisturizer that binds into the shaft of the hair. As a result, the hair is coated and the surface is sealed. Other than that, it lubricates the hair shaft and makes the strands shiny.

Benefits of Royal Jelly Shampoo

1. Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Loss

Royal jelly has an element called “biotin” which helps in the production of keratin, a part of the body responsible for hair growth so as nails. Another element is the “folic acid” which promotes healthy growth of cells and skin regeneration. Another one is “inositol” which is a form of vitamin and also known as a vital element for growing hair. A person who has deficiencies in any of these three elements will likely result into a terrible hair loss. Gladly, RJS is rich and complete with these three elements. So by taking RJS, you will not only grow your hair healthy but also ensures you that you will not lose your hair.

2. Anti-Aging Agent

Since 1922, royal jelly was already being studied by various researchers around the world. And throughout those years, they all come with the same result claiming that the organic substance is extremely high with vitamins so as essential minerals the human body needs. The combined vitamins, minerals and amino acids can greatly help nourish hair even if it’s still growing in its follicle. In addition to the amino acids is vitamin B-5, also known as “pantothenic acid” which prevent premature hair from turning gray.

3. Stops Hair Breakage

It is the right product for the treatment of a dry, breaking hair because of its high moisture content. It leaves the hair moisturized.

4. Eliminates Dandruff

This product is a permanent solution for dandruff. Many people especially ladies suffer from dandruff because of their long hair. Applying RJS to the hair is like splashing it with natural oils and moisture that eliminate abnormal scalp dryness and flaking.

5. Hair Thickness

It adds thickness to the hair strands making them resist breaking.

6. Repairs Damaged Hair

If you got damaged hair due to the use of harsh chemical so as styling tools, your hair will require a lot of nutrients to be treated. RJS is complete with the essential nutrients for the curing process. To give you a basic idea on how it works, it actually provides hydration for the hair, eliminates dryness and unblocks the follicles. Once the follicles are opened, more of the essential nutrients are properly absorbed. In turn, damaged hair are repaired so as the scalp is rejuvenated.

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