The Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb Review

Perfectly delicious, tasty, clear and sweet are the most common descriptions by consumers of “the Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb”. The taste is actually far better than any other similar packaged products available in the market. It’s because it is one of the best bee product that you can get which is almost comparable to a fresh honeycomb.

When it comes to its presentation, it is overflowing with honey presenting itself with delicious clarity of light colored honey. It also does not look so grainy or crystallized.

Ingredients or recipes:

There are no any other ingredients that are added but only a pure raw honeycomb. According to the manufacturers, all they do is to apply the same method of packaging similar to products like peanuts, tree nuts, milks, soy, wheat and etc…

The Savannah Bee Company:

The owner and the founder of The Savannah Bee Company is Ted Dennard. He has a beekeeping experience of 35 years and counting. However, Ted just opened his business back in 1999 the same time when his friend also opened his store who is selling tupelo honey. Ted’s passion for bees allowed him to create and deliver various bee products with main ingredients consisting of royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and honey.


Majority of consumers often ask, where does this honeycomb product came from? According to the official website of The Savannah Bee Company, the source of these honey product comes from acacia forests of Hungary – a place with abundant acacia trees.

Expiration Date:

There is actually no expiration for honey products where they never get spoiled. You might even be surprised to know that there was a pot of honey that was discovered in a certain Egyptian tombs. This means that it was there for thousands of year until it was discovered by the generation of our time. The interesting part is that, “it is still edible”. According to experts, the tastes of raw honey will become much better in its first few years.

The Savannah Bee Company only puts an expiration date on their products to comply with the regulations required by food stores. The expiration date on this Acacia Honeycomb product is in European format which reads day/month/year.

Kosher Certified:

This product is approved and certified by Kosher which is a religious dietary practice that originated from the Jewish tradition. Being certified by Kosher, it means that the product is fit or good for consumption.

Raw Acacia Honeycomb Product Review

Shipment or Delivery:

When I first ordered my raw acacia honeycomb, I was struggling with a decision whether to buy it or not. At that time, there weren’t too many reviews about this product online. But, I end up still buying one for the sake of “trying” it.

I actually have several bad experiences ordering food products online in relation to their shipment. And the most common issue is that, the food item arrived with a leak. But when it comes to Savannah’s Honeycomb, I am always impressed with the perfection of how the product got delivered with no defects. It is so tightly sealed with many layers of bubble wrappings which ensures the prevention of any possible leakages. However, this makes opening the container a bit tricky.


There is no denying that the taste is so amazingly great. Based on what my taste bud tell, it is deliciously sweet with a mild flavor. It is actually the only packaged product available in the market that has the closest taste to a fresh honeycomb.

Eating Procedure:

I often just cut a small piece of the honeycomb then chew it slowly inside my mouth. It is also a perfect butter for breads. I especially love and enjoy eating it when spread on a toasted bread for my breakfast.

Makes Perfect Gift:

Since the delivery of the product is very well cared and handled, it is what makes it a perfect gift. But before you do, you have to make sure that the person whom you intend to give your present is not allergic to bee products. Another reason is that, majority of individuals already knows the facts about the health benefits of honeycombs.

If you are unfortunately living inside the city or a place where it is impossible for you to buy a raw and fresh honeycomb from a farm. Then, the Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb is the best food item that you can get from the market shelves. Moreover, you may want to recommend it to your friends especially for those who are in desperate search of pure natural bee product.

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