Should You Take Royal Jelly on an Empty Stomach?

One of the most common question especially for those who are new at taking royal jelly as a supplement is, “Should I take royal jelly on an empty stomach?”

Some sources will advise you that it is best to take your supplement at an empty stomach. I do agree with it because your body will actually have much better absorption with the nutrients provided by the royal jelly. This will allow you to reap the health benefits it provides at a maximum potential.

However, being aware that taking royal jelly at an empty stomach is quite good and beneficial, this does not mean that you can go extreme. It is actually not a good idea to just consume a large amount of royal jelly where you consider it as your only meal every time that you go hungry.

It also goes the same with consuming large quantity of the substance with an empty stomach even if you intend to take a meal. You have to know that reaping the full benefits of the natural substance is not based on the quantity that you can quickly consume. It is all about taking it regularly with the appropriate amount of dosage.

Assuming that you don’t care at all where you took a large amount of royal jelly just to satisfy your empty stomach, you may experience “indigestion” as a consequence. You may feel pain or discomfort in the upper part of your abdomen. Or, a burning pain behind your breastbone.

The symptoms can usually be observed after taking the royal jelly in large amount.

Some individuals may suffer even more intolerable pain that they need immediate medical attention. You really do not want to be on this kind of condition if it happens that you have a very sensitive stomach to royal jelly supplements.

Anyway, before you even take royal jelly for the first time, make sure that you are not “allergic to bee products”. If you do then you have to stay away from it because you really do not want to suffer its threatening side-effects.

So what are the side effects of royal jelly?

There are actually a long list of the side effects but in relation to ingestion of the substance, you will experience these following common symptoms.

– Stomach pain
– Diarrhea (with blood)
– Wheezing
– Chest tightness
– Trouble breathing
– Increased heart rate
– Nausea

If it happens that you are not aware of your self being allergic to bee products where you end up just tasting it then you never expected to suffer several of its symptoms, you may need immediate medical help.

Pregnant women and infants or small children are also highly advised to stay away from taking royal jelly regardless of being allergic or not.

Most Efficient Form of Royal Jelly to Take

Ingesting royal jelly with an empty stomach is not just the only factor that you are reaping the full health benefits of the substance. It is also very important to consider choosing the most efficient form of royal jelly which is “fresh and raw”.

You have to know that majority of royal jelly that are available in the market shelves have been freeze-dried or preserved” (most royal jelly supplements comes in the form of capsules). The preservation process is what makes the substance less beneficial when compared to the raw and fresh version of the royal jelly.

There were already several studies conducted by various researchers and scientists. They had proven that fresh royal jelly contains higher content of proteins over their commercial counterpart. It turns out that the difference between the two was so significant.

The only major downside of the raw royal jelly is that, it quickly losses its freshness in just a short period of time. This means that it also losses some of its highly beneficial nutrients.

Is there a way on how to store royal jelly to preserve the potency of its nutrients?

Currently, the best method is to store the natural bee substance into a freezer. When stored at this extremely cold environment, the royal jelly is considered good for one to three years. It can also be refrigerated but will only be good for consumption for up to six months.

Dosage when Taking Royal Jelly with Empty Stomach

The recommend dosage of royal jelly that you should take with an empty stomach must be from 1 to 5 grams per day. You have to maintain consuming this amount on a daily basis for a period of 30 to 90 days. After this period, you need to give yourself a 10 to 30 days break.

If you wish to go over the 1 to 5 grams of royal jelly for each day, you may do so but not to the extent of getting some slight experience of the symptoms mentioned above. Experiencing any of the symptoms is a warning that you are ingesting too much of the substance that your stomach could handle.

You might be a curious one and wonder “why 1 to 5 grams only?”

This recommended dosage is actually supported by several studies where they had found out that 1 to 5 grams is the suitable amount to be taken on a daily basis. It was because their research turns out that this amount was successfully administered for most individuals without encountering any of the side effects.

Best Time to Take your Royal Jelly Supplements

Taking your royal jelly supplements at any given period of time as long as you have an empty stomach is not a good practice. The best time to take this natural substance is at least 15 minutes before you are going to eat your meal.

This 15 minutes period of time should be good enough for your body to absorb all the valuable and beneficial nutrients of the substance that are needed by your body. Consuming it first before any of the foods on your meal ensures that the system of your body prioritizes absorbing the substance’s nutrients.


Majority of people around the world have already heard about the incredible health benefits of the royal jelly that it can provide. Just to name a few of these benefits, this natural substance can help treat issues concerning about weight loss, skin problems, fertility for both male and female, and etc…

Although, there are some individuals who claim that it is less effective or they do not even feel any of the effect on them. One of the many reason is that they are probably taking their royal jelly the wrong way.

Most supplements are traditionally taken right after meal which must be the reason why majority of people also does the same with the royal jelly.

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