Royal jelly is already proven by many individuals as one of the best supplement that promote good health. Unfortunately, it does not work for everyone. There are actually some people who are allergic to bee products where they should avoid it at all possible cost. This is due to the side effects that could put them at a certain critical condition.

If you are not sure if you are allergic to bee products, experts suggests that you should slowly introduce the supplement into your system by taking small doses or do not take more than the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage is 6g daily thus you may want to start by taking 2g only once in every two or three days.

The next step is to start observing for bad symptoms that you might suddenly experience such as the following:

  • Cough
  • Rash
  • Eczema
  • Dizziness or Lightheadedness
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Nausea
  • Asthma or Anaphylaxis
  • 1. Cough

    – If you do not have cold or flu but you are experiencing coughs then it could be a symptom of allergy. Take note, cold will last for 3 to 14 days while cough due to allergy can last for days to months or as long as the product is being continuously consumed.

    2. Rash

    – Being allergic to royal jelly can cause skin rashes which is the most common symptoms that often appears among all individuals.

    3. Eczema

    – Eczema is another allergic reaction due to consumption of any bee products resulting to most skin related issues such as itching, rashes, inflammation and etc…

    4. Dizziness or Lightheadedness

    – Dizziness or lightheadedness is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of an allergic reaction. Some says that they feel disoriented, lose their concentration and feel terribly tired.

    5. Increased Heart Rate

    – Another life threatening allergic reaction of royal jelly is it could cause increased heart rate or heart palpitations. This is a condition where the heartbeat suffers an abnormal pulses that is too slow, too fast or uneven. This could result into insufficient oxygen and nutrient distribution of the body leading to cardiovascular arrest.

    6. Nausea

    – Nausea is an allergic reaction which upsets your stomach making you want to vomit. If you experience such agonizing symptom then it is highly advised that you should make an appointment to your doctor for clinical diagnosis.

    7. Asthma or Anaphylaxis

    – Asthma is also caused by an allergic reaction where you airways tends to become extra sensitive where it overreacts. The muscles around your airways will tighten then inflamed followed by the secretion of thick mucus.

    Overdose or too much Royal Jelly Consumption

    Some individuals are asking if it is possibly safe to overdose or consume large quantities of royal jelly supplements. Of course they are people who have no allergies to bee pollen or any bee related products. So does it have any side effects?

    The answer is “Yes”. Too much consumption of the supplement taken by your liver is not good. Some sources actually claims that too much intake can upset your liver. Another source claims that it can cause insomnia where you won’t be able to sleep during the night. Thus, it is always best to follow the proper recommended dosage to stay on the safe side.

    37 Comments to “Side Effects of Royal Jelly Consumption”

    • I don’t know but I think I have just a mild allergy to bee products. At this condition, can I still give a try to royal jelly perhaps by taking just small amount at a certain interval period of time? Reading the benefits really entices me so much that I would really like to give it a try.

      • In order for you to know the answer to you question, it is actually best if you go visit and consult your doctor if taking bee products does not cause so much complication to your allergy. But in my opinion, the risk is still high. Don’t get disappointed though because there are so many other alternatives.

    • I heard from a friend that taking this natural substance may not be good for people who are approaching their menopausal period.

      • Not really. Some experts claim that a combination of royal jelly, ginseng, primrose oil and damiana can greatly help in reducing menopausal symptoms. It also improve the feelings of women on their period to be calm like normal.

    • I have purchased this royal jelly product from the grocery store. Then, tasting it for the first time made me puke a lot. Can somebody explain to me why?

      • I do understand the taste which isn’t really good for first-time consumers. One best solution is to mix it with sweeteners.

    • Hello guys, I am from Costa Rica and allergies are just a common sickness here which is due to the tropical and humid weather conditions. Every morning, it has now become a regular habit of mine to take one teaspoon of royal jelly to boost my day. So far, I have not observe or experience any negative side effects.

    • Hi, can I combine product supplements containing royal jelly and pollen with pistol extract?

      • Yes. According to some experts, it is considered safe for most average individuals to consume. One good example for that product is the Femal by Naturmin Pharma which can be taken safely for up to 2 months period.

        A royal jelly can also be combined with flower pollen and a good example is the product Melbrosia which can be safely used for 3 months.

    • Please, can you tell me the worse possible side-effects of royal jelly to a person who is allergic to bee insects?

      • Well, that would be death. But if you are referring to the severe allergic reactions then its asthma and swelling particularly to the throat. There are also some rare cases of colon bleeding which result in stomach pain and bloody stool.

    • I have a friend who has allergy to bee products but she is willing to take the risk just to improve her skin a lot much better. Since royal jelly is quite good for this kind of purpose, she’s been using it for more than six months now and I am amazed that she did not suffered any allergic reactions.

      I am just really worried about my friend because I had seen her once suffered swelling all over her body after she ate a bread with honey butter in it accidentally.

      • She might have mild allergy to bees. Anyway, some experts claims that it is actually safe to apply royal jelly substance into the skin of an allergic individual but it has to be done through proper procedure. Although, it should never be applied into the scalp because this is a very sensitive portion that will most likely result in inflammation and allergic rashes.

    • Some websites claims that royal jelly must not be given to children. But there is this one doctor from the school who advised me to give my child this bee supplement to enhance his nutritional needs. What are your thoughts about this?

      • It is actually safe for children to take it but for short term only, a maximum of 6 months period. Although, it is very important that your kid must not be allergic to bee products.

    • I remember the time when my wife was pregnant and she demanded to take royal jelly on her diet. Being aware that this substance can potentially bring harm to her and the unborn baby, I stand on my ground of not providing it to my wife even when she let me slept outside our house.

      • I am pretty sure that you sacrificing yourself to that extent probably made your wife proud about what you did. If you gave into her demand, it could have an unpleasant consequence. Even though, there are some information today claiming about the safety of taking royal jelly while being pregnant or breast-feeding. However, these information are actually not reliable enough. Thus, the best decision is still to avoid it and stay on the safe side.

    • I already read a lot of the health benefits offered by royal jelly to a regular consumer. I would really love to give it a try but I am allergic to bees and I even have asthma. Are there any remedy that I can do to deal with it?

      • The answer is, “none”. Don’t even think of giving it a try because being asthmatic combine with being allergic to bees equals very serious reactions which can lead to death. So don’t ever risk it.

    • Hello, I am suffering from a skin disease called “Dermatitis” which is more commonly known as “Eczema”. Are there any side effects if I am going to use royal jelly for treatment?

      • It is best that you should consult a dermatologists because it might actually make your skin condition a lot worse.

    • I would like to confirm if taking Warfarin manufactured by Coumadin can be combined with royal jelly. I was not told that the combination of these two can be fatal. What can you say about it?

      • That’s absolutely correct. Combining the two can actually lead to a potential risk of bleeding.

    • I read the comment above about asthma and I really do not understand why you should not take royal jelly because of it. While some experts claim that, it would help. Can you give me some good advice?

      • If you just have asthma and you do are not allergic to bee products then you can try to introduce it into your system by starting with very tiny amounts. Then, increase it if you can tolerate it well.

    • Hello, I really need you expert advice about me taking in royal jelly. I discovered my allergy to bee stings when I got stung once before. When I started taking some supplements with an added royal jelly ingredient, it made my tongue immediately got swollen and blistered. That’s not all. I even suffered an abdominal pain and my throat got swollen. My question is that, Are there any other methods to get rid of these symptoms?

      • The answer to your question is sad to say that there is none. You should ultimately stop taking that supplement or it will cause you more harm than good.

    • I have been taking royal jelly for 3 months now and I can see a lot of improvements towards my overall heath. I now feel less tired and the chronic pain at my lower back now have less pain. Would it be okay for me to take this supplement continuously without suffering from any side-effects?

      • Yes, there aren’t any issue taking it for as long as you like unless you are allergic to it. If you have some concerns then you can give yourself small breaks such as not taking it for every couple of weeks or even on a monthly basis.

    • When I first started to introduce royal jelly into my system, I suffered most of the side-effects. The good thing is that, most of them went away as I persisted to continue taking this natural supplement. Right now, the only symptoms that I have is an increased sweating and heart rate. At this condition, I really have a hard time catching my breath. Will it still be okay for me to continue taking my royal jelly?

      • The way how you describe yourself can really scare anyone who suffer the same symptom to immediately stop. So the answer to your question is “no”. You should stop this because you are putting yourself at a very risky condition.

    • You have to be careful with some products because even if you are not allergic to bees, they could still cause some symptoms like what I just recently experienced. I think I bought a fake royal jelly product which caused me a painful stomach pain and nausea.

    • For those who are suffering from low blood pressure, you should avoid taking in royal jelly supplements because it might lower the level way too much which is not good.

    • Hello, I am not allergic to bees or any of its product but the royal jelly. I have already consumed a lot of honey in my entire life but when I first tried royal jelly, I suffered dermatitis. My skin became swollen and sore. Can you advise me on this please?

      • It sounds like you an issue about allergic reaction. Anyway, I would advise that you should best consult a doctor so that your condition is best diagnosed.

    • I just want to confirm if it is really bad to take royal jelly while breastfeeding? There is really not much information about this so I hope that you can give me a good answer to my question.

      • I do agree that there is really not much of information around that can provide any solid evidence that the natural product can be safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Thus, the best decision is avoid it and stay on the safe side.

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