Skin nutritionists put royal jelly to use by adding them into skin products which are beneficial for both your skin and health. Royal Jelly is actually used as an essential part of skin care and cosmetic products since 1950.

There are several different categories of royal jelly skin products that are available in the market today. Such products includes Royal Jelly Skin Care, Royal Jelly Lotion, Royal Jelly Cosmetics, Royal Jelly Face Cream and etc…

Royal Jelly is used as an important ingredient in many skin care products as per the beliefs of its power to reduce age.

As age increases, the proficiency of skin cell renovation process become slow as tissue cure and rejuvenation of cells slows down. The skin loses the required volume of natural moisture. Due to less production of collagen, the skin becomes rough and loses its pliability.

By slowing down the aging process, the collagen production must be boosted up.

The ingredients of Royal Jelly such as silicon, hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes, flavonoids, vitamins B6, B5, B3, B2, B1, zinc, acetylcholine and etc… helps the skin cells increase the production and promotion of collagen.

People who have work with stress load often ends up with frizzy hair and lifeless skin. Kidneys and adrenals also take the loads along with you where they deserve rest to reanimate and regain as well. Kidneys are actually the two pillars of body strength. A weaker kidney causes sagged skin and dull hair. Fortunately, Royal Jelly helps keep the adrenals and kidneys well functioning. Taking Royal Jelly capsules at the time of stress is considered to be a useful remedy.

A glowing and healthy skin needs Sun exposure but too much exposure causes skin tanning and aging. The exposure of the Sun can’t be the measure to a limit to prevent skin from such condition but Royal Jelly is a great solution for this as it proven that it protects the skin from aging caused by the Sun. Some scientists examined Royal Jelly by applying it on the skin of their test subjects and exposed them for sunburn. It revealed that the Royal Jelly fights with the burning UVB rays of the Sun and its 10-HAD ingredient keep the cells healthy and helps produce new cells.

In the case of hormonal incompatibility or during menstruation, decreased hormones can cause skin issues. Women can face the problem such as dry skin with visible wrinkles, monthly cycle reduce testosterone, lack of blood vessels in a skin and the present skin became off-color and etc… Royal jelly is a very useful tonic remedy for all hormonal issues related to skin and cells. To balance the hormonal activities on skin, Royal Jelly should be taken regularly for 3 months.

Royal Jelly is also useful in improving immune system, cures wound cuts, has ingredients to prevent cancer primarily, propagates fat metabolism, control the cholesterol level and the level of blood sugar. Taking a small dose as per prescribed can heal many health issues.

Skin Care

Royal Jelly essential skin care set includes Royal Jelly Capsules or Supplements which can be taken in the measurement of two to three capsules of 1000 mg per day, the recommended dosage for caring skin topically. Another one is the Royal Jelly Face Cream which benefits the skin to glow and moisturize. The last one is the Royal Jelly Soap which is not made of chemicals but 100 percent natural ingredients similar to the Royal Jelly, honey, and beeswax.

Royal Jelly in Cosmetic Products

As it is a coarse white paste substance, it is easy to solidify and processed turning it into cosmetics. It also does not need to be discolored.

Royal Jelly is being used in an ample number of cosmetic products like hand lotions, eye creams, lipsticks, face creams, shampoos, liquid foundations, nail colors and etc… And, the use of it still continues till this date.

This natural substance is often minimally added into any cosmetic product consisting of 100 mg in a 30 gm jar which acquires 0.5% mixture.

Approximate Cost of Royal Jelly Products

Each jar that contains Royal Jelly as mixture costs around $15 back in 1950. Royal Jelly was commonly used by some top ranked cosmetics brands to prevent aging issues. Now a days, Royal Jelly Beauty Treatment package costs around $50 while Royal Jelly Beauty Treatment with Fresh Royal Jelly costs $70.

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