Aside from the sweet flavor taste of the honeycomb, people are looking to buy this natural bee products due to its rich health benefits that it offers. Due to this reason, honeycomb especially those that can be bought fresh and raw remains at a high demand in the market. In fact, consumers are willing to pay a high price for this product which have adverse effect resulting to the production of fake honeycomb products.

Speaking about fake honeycomb products, it is really very disappointing to know that majority of them especially products that are commercially processed tend to be fake. Worst part is that, consumption of these fake honeycombs can be bad for human health. Anyway, fake honeycombs can be easily distinguished but the only problem is that, you are losing plenty of time trying to search for the legit once.

Buy Honeycomb at your Local Grocery Shop

The most obvious place to buy honeycomb is at your local grocery shop. However, it is rare to find raw honeycombs being sold at this place but only processed once. And as I stated above, there is a hassle involve which is dealing with the fake products. Anyway, if you are able to find an authentic honeycomb product from your local grocery store then you are in luck.

To tell you more about processed honeycombs, it is a type of honeycomb product that undergoes various food-processing procedures. Majority of processed honeycombs available from your grocery store are actually imported. This means that they came from far foreign countries. So in order for them to survive the long distance travel, they are processed to withstand the long distance journey.

Unfortunately, the food-processing procedures reduces the potency of the beneficial elements of the honeycomb. It’s like you are only getting around 40 to 60 percent of the overall benefits.

Buy Honeycombs Online

If you do not have the time to visit market places to buy your honeycombs then you may want to consider purchasing it online. However, purchasing such product online possess a higher risk of ending up buying fake honeycomb products.

There are a few tips on how to minimize the risks so let’s cover them down below:

1. Conduct a Research

Conducting a research is always the first and important step when buying any products online. Use Google or your favorite Search Engine to find honest product reviews or testimonials. The best place to find them is on the Forums and Social Media platforms. It’s because majority of individuals on these kind of platforms are not affiliate marketers who only talks positive things on the products that they are trying to endorse. Through Forums and Social Media platforms, you can also contact them (consumers) via PM and ask questions about the product privately.

2. Contact the Seller

Once you are able to find a good and promising honeycomb product to buy which you based from your research and investigation, the second step is to contact the seller. Your purpose is to ask every questions in relation to the authenticity of their product. You have to know that a legitimate seller is willing to communicate to their customer and they are capable of providing every possible information they need.

There are actually many good quality honeycomb product online but at some point, the seller just lack the necessary information about them such being unaware where they originally came from. Thus, if you came across such seller then it is best to avoid their product and look for another.

3. Always Ask the Source of the Honeycomb Product

And for the third step, it is always important to ask the source or where their honeycomb product came from. You have to avoid imported products coming from China and India. There were already several bad reports in the past about these two country regarding about their bee products. The best sources of honeycomb product are from countries that has the lowest rate of pollution such as New Zealand and Australia.

Buy Honeycomb at your Local Bee Farm

If you are lucky enough to live at a place with local bee farms then you should definitely purchase raw honeycombs from them. As stated above, you will only reap less percentage of the health benefits from processed-honeycomb products. But, consumption of raw or fresh honeycombs will deliver 100 percent of its health benefits.

Overall, the best place about where to buy honeycomb is from your local beekeeping farm. Perhaps, you can talk to the beekeepers to always set aside a piece of raw honeycomb for your regular consumption needs.

If it happens that there aren’t any local beekeeping farm in your area, you might want to consider putting up your own private beekeeping farm. Although, your place must meet the standards which must have a good and clean environment for the bees to thrive. Otherwise, your only possible option is to buy those processed commercial honeycombs products from your local grocery store or via online.

And finally, if it happens that you know some other places or methods on where to buy honeycomb that are not mentioned on this post, then please do share them on the comment form provided down below.

2 Comments to “Tips on Where to Buy Honeycomb”

  • I have a job where I often get reassigned to various locations. It is really a hassle for me to keep on familiarizing myself about these places. Also, it often bothers me a lot about where can I buy raw honeycomb? I am actually a regular consumer of this natural bee product because it really helps me a lot on my overall health.

    There was even one time when I almost quit my job and look for another that allows me to permanently stay at one place preferably my own hometown. But, the company I am currently working cannot afford to let go of me.

    So how I am able to sustain my needs of honeycombs? It is a huge thanks to the internet. Today, there are now many online suppliers of fresh honeycombs where upon placing my order, the product will get delivered right into my apartment.

    • You probably have an awesome type of job. Anyway, if you got assigned in the city area then that would be a good option. But if it happens that you have been assigned on a certain place where there could be a bee keeping farm, then it is best to learn more about the area.

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