Where can you Buy Beeswax?

“Beeswax” has so many uses particularly in the field of crafting and cosmetics. If you have been following and reading my blog then you are probably aware that beeswax offers great benefits on the face, hair, lips and skin applications. Creative individuals also use this natural bee product to make candles, soaps and etc…

So where exactly can you buy beeswax? These natural bee products aren’t really scarce or not that too hard to find. You can find them available from a local bee keeping farm, grocery stores and online shops. Keep reading for some useful tips to learn the best option available for you about where you can find and buy beeswax that you need.

Buy it from the Local Bee Keeping Farm

The first and always the best option about where to look for beeswax is from a local bee keeping farm. If you are not familiar about your city or town then you can easily find the nearest farm near you through the help of Google Maps. You can easily do this on the Google Search. Use the keyword “bee keeping farm near me” and it will give you a map result which indicates the exact locations of the farms.

If you are so unfortunate that Google Map cannot find any bee farms near your place then you still got one option left. You have to know that the maps provided by Google is really not updated in real time. According to some sources, the map is being updated between 1 to 2 years. Thus, you may want to ask the locals particularly those who are involve in the agricultural industry.

Buy it from your Local Store

Searching for a bee farm and traveling to that place can be a hassle. If you do not want to do any of them then you can just visit your local store and hope for the best that it is available on their shelves. You should always choose to start and visit the largest store in your area like Walmart if you are from the United States. If they do not have beeswax then chances are, the other stores also don’t have it.

Buy it from an Online Store

The last option which is completely hassle-free is to order your beeswax online. There are numerous websites that are selling this kind of natural bee product where all you have to do is to choose. However, you still need to do some research by reading reviews coming from legitimate costumers. This is the only possible way to filter low quality products from the best ones.

Among all online shop that are selling beeswax, I would like to recommend two of the biggest and reputable online store which are the Amazon and eBay.

Once you processed your order, all you have to do is wait for the item to be delivered right into your doorstep.

Is Beeswax Really Edible?

There is actually a very common misinterpretation about beeswax. Most individuals refer to it as the natural honeycomb or the bees’ nest composed of wax hexagons filled with delicious honey. On the other hand, it is just the wax where the honey has been completely filtered and separated.

Most people already knew that the entire honeycomb is edible which can be consumed in its natural state. It really taste so naturally sweet which is very amazing. If it is just the wax, it is still edible but it is no longer tasty or tasteless. This is the reason why it is not for consumption but for other external purposes.

Types of Commercial Beeswax Products

If you bought your beeswax from a bee farm then you might get the dried natural comb. But, if you purchased a commercial product then they have undergone some processing methods where they come in different shapes and sizes.

1. Beeswax Blocks

If you need a large quantity of beeswax then you should buy “beeswax blocks”. They are best for making candles and most cost-efficient among the other types.

2. Beeswax Pellets

If you are working on something that requires precision then you should choose the pellet type of wax. These pellets can also be melted down much easier than the blocks.

3. Beeswax Sheets

Sheets are an alternative form of the blocks when making candles. Unlike blocks, making candles using sheets is a lot quicker and easier.

4. Mini Bars

If you just need a small amount of beeswax then you may want to choose those that are in the form of mini-bars.

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