Where to Buy the Best Bee Pollen Products?

Bee pollens are created by honeybees via collecting nectar and pollen from different types of flowers. We have already discussed in the previous post about the amazing health benefits of the bee pollen for us. Thus, it is recommended that you read that post as well.

Now, where exactly can we buy the best bee pollen products?

If this is your first time trying to buy a bee pollen product then you have to know that they actually come in three different forms:

1. Granules

“Granules” is the term for the raw or unprocessed form of the bee pollen. Most people prefer to choose this natural form because the manufacturing process can remove some of the anti-bacterial properties of the substance which is not good.

Unfortunately, granules are most likely not available in the market shelves where they can only be purchased from the local beekeeping farms. Another reason is that, this natural product has a very limited life shelf – it can be easily get rotten. Although, it can be prolonged but only for a short while by putting the granules into a freezer or refrigerator.

Consumption of the raw bee pollen is often done by mixing it on a drink, bread and many other types of food. It is actually a good sweetener and the perfect alternative for sugar which makes it beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. However, there are some individuals who just can’t force themselves to consume and digest the shell-encased granules, the reason why they choose the processed form (tablets, pills or capsules) as an alternative.

2. Tablets or Pills

Tablets or pills come in the form of solid and small round or cylindrical shape object for easy oral dosage intake. And, their intended purpose is for medication or as supplements.

When it comes to bee pollens which are in the form of tablets or pills, they are considered as supplements. They are actually dried bee pollens that are powdered and then compressed to take the form of tablets or pills. Then, in order for them to prolong their preservation, the manufacturers uses a special coating that prevents them from degradation.

3. Capsule

The tablets or pills as discussed above has the same intended purpose as the capsule form. They are also meant to be taken orally for medication or as supplements.

Manufacturers do produce bee pollen capsule supplements by turning the granules into freeze dried form then into powder. Now, the main difference between the tablets or pills is that, the powder are encased in an “envelope”. Through these process of capsulation, it ensures that when orally taken for digestion, the ingredients are properly distributed throughout the body resulting to maximum effectiveness.

Tips on Where to Buy the Best Bee Pollen Products

Bee pollen products are available in the supermarkets, health food stores, local beekeeping farms and even ordering it online. Except from buying the natural bee pollen products from a local beekeeping farm, you have to know that most commercial or processed alternatives are of poor quality. Some of them will even bring harm into your health rather than its expected benefits.

Here are the following tips that you need to consider when buying a certain bee pollen product:

1. It must come from a place with zero pollution

Who wants to buy any kind of consumable products that are processed from a dirty environment? Of course “no one” unless you really do not care about it. Thus, the first step that you need to look when buying a high quality bee pollen product is to find out about the location of the manufacturer. And if possible, try to confirm if the manufacturer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

Aside from the GMP, supplements that are manufactured by companies must also follow the pharmaceutical standards that are required by the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Iran and other countries that are being recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

So if it happens that the seller cannot exactly tell you the origin of the bee pollen product then it is best recommended to move and try another different supplier.

2. It must be freeze dried

There are two different types of a processed bee pollen which is either “heat dried” or “freeze dried”. However, the heat dried process reduces the nutritional value of the bee product while as for the freeze dried, the nutritional contents are maintain for a much prolonged period of time. Thus, always inspect or ask the seller if the product is heat dried or freeze dried.

3. It must be manufactured according to the pharmaceutical standards

As stated above, some products brings more harm than benefits. These are the type of products that do not follow the pharmaceutical standards implemented by the WHO. Manufacturers of such products actually tends to mix chemicals that turns out to be toxic when consumed.

4. It must be independently laboratory tested

Buying the best bee pollen product in the market must be accompanied with proper research or investigation. Thanks to the internet, you can now access any information about a certain product especially supplements such as the bee pollen.

It is actually best to focus your own research on articles about independent laboratory test results of the product that you intend to buy. Aside from positive test results, you may also want to read honest testimonials and reviews of previous customers who are reaping the benefits of the supplementary product.

Where to Buy the Best Bee Pollen Product Online?

If you intend to purchase a bee pollen supplementary product online then our best recommendation where to buy one is at the “Amazon”. They are actually the largest retailer online with a well establish reputation. Thus, the delivery of your product is secured.

Since they are one among the biggest and most trusted merchants online, they have a large number of customers buying from them. And through their previous customers, they provide valuable feedback known as “reviews” which can greatly help you decide whether to buy the product or not. But of course, there are also many other websites around that also sell bee pollen products but the testimonials or reviews found on their pages can be fake which are just meant to attract prospective buyers.

Moreover, the best place to buy a certain bee pollen product can only be determined by following the tips as discussed above. To sum it up, you have to compare suppliers, learn about the manufacturers, investigate the product and conduct more research before you decide to buy. At the end, you will reap the health benefits of the purest and the best quality of bee pollen that is available on the market.

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