Due to the multiple health benefits of the royal jelly, many manufacturing companies are now producing royal jelly supplements for the growing number of demand and interest by many consumers. This is due to the reason that this natural bee product is believed by many individuals that it is capable of providing boosts to their immune system.

So is royal jelly really good for the immune system?

There are two different answers to this question. One is by basing it according to the scientific studies by a group of researchers. While second, is based on the number of people claiming that this white milky bee substance works for them.

Table of Contents

Scientific Research

Number of Consumers

What exactly is an Immune System

Common Causes of Immune System Disorders

Antibacterial Properties of the Royal Jelly

Major Royal Jelly Protein


Scientific Research

A group of researchers had previously conducted an experiment about royal jelly if it really has the antibacterial properties to get rid or fight different forms of bacteria and viruses. On their experiment, they only used animals as their test subjects and their test-tubes.

Let’s simply skip the boring scientific explanation of their results. So to make it short, the experiment conducted on the animals gave a good and interesting result which proved that the milk bee substance have indeed antimicrobial components.

The next experiment is for the scientists to conduct another similar study but this time, by using humans as their test subject. This is to make sure if the antibacterial properties of the royal jelly can effectively work on humans.

Number of Consumers

Throughout the centuries, royal jelly is being consumed by many people on different parts of the world and there is no denying about the claims that they gain many health benefits from it. Since it has been tested by countless number of humans in the past for such incredible period of time, scientific studies may no longer be necessary.

So despite the lack of scientific result, there are still a continuous growing number of demands of the royal jelly products. Due to this reason, many manufacturing companies took advantage of it by producing royal jelly products in the form of various food supplements.

What exactly is an Immune System

The immune system of the human body is an automatic defense system that prevents infections and drive away harmful foreign elements. In short, its main role is to prevent you from constantly getting sick due to the cause of germs like bacteria and viruses.

This is the most interesting part about the immune system; it has a major part known as the “Lymphatic System” which is a network connection of lymph nodes and vessels. These lymphatic vessels are very similar to the blood vessels which are composed of thin tubes spread on every part of the human body. The contents of this lymph are composed of tissue fluid, waste products, and the immune system cells.  

As for the lymph node, these are small clumps that are similar to the shape of a bean and they are interconnected by the lymphatic vessels. What’s interesting about it is that, it contains white blood cells which are responsible for trapping harmful invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells.

White blood cells are actually the main cells of the immune system itself. And in relation to the royal jelly, this natural bee substance has the nutrient that helps increase the number of the white blood cells and spread them around the body. In turn, this makes the immune system’s function more efficient.

Common Causes of Immune System Disorders

There are several causes of immune system disorders which can be acquired by birth, caused by certain medicines, HIV, and bad or unhealthy diet. If the cause of your immune system disorder is not due to unhealthy diet then it is best to seek immediate help to a professional doctor.

But when it comes to the immune system disorders caused by unhealthy diet, this can be treated by the royal jelly. It’s because this milky white substance are so rich in essential nutrients that supplements the needs of the immune system to make it function more efficiently.

Aside from an unhealthy diet, immune system disorder can also be caused by germs which can be acquired on dirty environment. So if it happens that you are working on such kind of environment, then you will have high risk of constantly getting ill. Gladly, royal jelly can boost your immune system where you will become more resistant against almost any kind of diseases.

Antibacterial Properties of the Royal Jelly

“Antibacterial” is a term that describes something that can destroy or prevent the bacteria from growing or reproducing. This is one interesting properties of the royal jelly which is the main reason why it is quite effective at being used for treating various types of skin diseases.

When it comes to wounds, preventing the infection is the top priority. You have to know that infection is caused by bacteria that can get worse when not properly treated. But by applying bees’ milk on the wound, the bacteria won’t be able to make their way through. As a result, the wound will heal at a faster rate of time.

The antibacterial properties of the royal jelly do not only work against the external forces of the bacteria but also, internally – which means inside the body. So by ingesting bees’ milk, the antibacterial properties of the substance will eliminate all unwanted germs and parasites present inside the body.

Major Royal Jelly Protein

MRJP is the short term for “Major Royal Jelly Protein”. This is a component of the royal jelly that is composed of a family of proteins. The family actually consists of nine types of protein where “royalactin” is the most abundant or largest in volume among them. Thus, it is considered as the main medicinal component of the royal jelly.

Aside from the royalactin, this natural bee substance is also rich in beneficial fatty acids which include hydroxyl acids. Both of these acids are essential to a healthy immune system.


To summarize everything up, royal jelly possesses essential nutritional properties that can enhance the immune system of the human body. By boosting the body’s immune system, all sorts of harmful germs won’t be able to cause health issues.

Despite the claimed benefits of the royal jelly from being able to boost the body’s immune system, most Western medical practitioner often rejects it due to the lack of further research.

And finally, there is risk involve with the consumption of the royal jelly particularly to all those who are allergic to bee products.   

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